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  • Could you convey my best wishes to Srbh? My phone is getting repaired again which explains my absence. I was planning on making a mysterious reappearance :lol: but gotta wish the best of luck to the groom.
    Hey, thought I will VM you about that comment on Jono hating JBL. Just meant the character was JBL was almost like watson, the poster here except a little more PG with the racism and aryan supremacy and right wing capitalist stuff. Dunno if that needed to be on the thread, so msging you here.
    Haha yeah, I remember it really clearly as well. How time flies.

    I am good, have moved jobs since I last saw you, and moved up in work, but nothing much else has changed really. Congrats on duffer jnr, sounds ace. Hope he and Mrs Duffer are keeping well.

    And I really did not know that! I assumed Nandos was just a UK thing haha.
    Yeah, keeper is an absolute must.

    Monreal had a good year on the whole but was terrible in patches and getting older.
    Per gone. Koscielny all but gone. Mustafi home in the head. Need someone there.
    Lots of talk of us selling Bellerin...
    I honestly don't even know where you'd begin... A complete overhaul from top to bottom might be what's needed though
    Aha, tell me about it man...

    Good time for both.

    Not that there's ever a bad time for Cudi and Kanye
    Bro, I like Post these days, Drake of course, Savage, Migos etc., I'm playing more trap st..I'll throw some links for you:

    From what I can tell, you're not in a giant feud with anyone m8. Get in one of those and you'd be out of the Battle Royal in a second :p
    Crap, just realised I replied on my own wall last night.

    "Ok nice, I can get a train in to King's Cross around 1ish, and that's not far away. There's a decent place where you can get pizza and beer near there if that sound alright? Can easily get to Paddington type area too, but not got a great idea about what's around there. "
    Ah, I don't think I could make 2. Is there any chance you are free tomorrow? I'm "working from home" all day.
    Got a guided tour which finishes at 2. Have to leave the house around 11 so I won't have phone or data after that, so let me know beforehand if you can make it
    Have a dinner at 630.
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