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  • Haha, yeah. Love how its been argued that its possible that poor innocent Randiv didn't bowl a deliberate no ball despite the footage. Then its claimed that the SLC must have pressurised him to apologise because he wouldn't have done it because he's too much of a prick to do a thing like that. Here's a newsflash for them conspiracy theorists - who's likely to bowl a deliberate no ball? That's right, a prick!!
    in no mood for an argument.. sorry for what i have done.but i still can support my point over a decline in performace signifiantly..hope this clears allissues.. sorry again
    "383 wickets @ 28.5 with an SR of 57, though a fine record, is certainly not a dead-set ATG bowling record, for mine. More in line with records as that of Hughes(of Merv) and Dev than with Donald and Marshall. Unless you are referring to his All-round record, of course."

    FTR, I was talking about Botham's stats as an all-rounder.
    Thanks man, you're a legend! We're really happy with the album, just about to start gigging again tonight after a bit of a break and I'm hoping we'll be able to organise some footage to be put up on YT. If so, I'll give ya a shout out!
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