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  • That sounds awesome. I'll catch you on Skype one of these days but for now I'll slide into your DMs on Cricsim.
    Haha that's awesome! Tell me more!

    You hardly ever hear him speak publicly. He was great on longform podcast but that was years ago.

    I've been thinking a lot about his Cricket as Metaphor post recently, trying to figure out what it was that made the Headingley test so special, even in comparison to the WC final. It's as good an explanation as I've found. Like most of his writing it might be super, super niche though.
    How am I ignoring Moderator instructions? I was simply stating a dissenting viewpoint as opposed to what was posted. I have not used any foul language. This is just flat out blind by you guys and lazy.
    Thanks for the explanation.

    Yes, doing fine. Life's just gotten a lot busy, and so I don't show up here anywhere near as often as I used to.

    It's good to have you back at the forum too. We definitely need posters like you posting more often.
    Ausage told me that the other day too. It's interesting for me in that I'd give some different answers these days, but I think my old answers would be better received both in terms of explaining why my angle may just be wrong rather than evil to high hanging fruit, and recruiting low hanging fruit. I suppose it's probably normal to end up thinking in a framework and talking in a language that is less relateable when you get deeper inside a rabbit hole, but I'm glad I made those posts when I did even if I disagree with some of them now.
    Yeah things are great, thanks for asking! Sorry I took a while to reply. And thanks for the birthday wishes too. How are things with you? Aside from/since everything you spilled your guts about in the Ravens forum, anyway.
    Yea, wasn't that a ban-worthy offence from Cow? [not sure what the CW rules say about such posts]
    Thanks Teja! That's really helpful. We are going to be at the Trident for a few days in early June - if you're around, I'd love to buy you a beer :). If you think of any other places that serve alcohol that are good, let me know :). I appreciate it!!
    Hey - are you from Hyderabad? Shri said you might be. Gonna be visiting there with my wife (her first time in India) and my sister and brother in law in early Hune for a few days. Need help on picking restaurants/places to drink/anything to see (not big on seeing temples or mosques or that type of thing). Restaurants and drinking being the primary motivators.
    Yeah I did read that one. Actually wanted to pick your brain on it but cricsim was in a bad state.

    It's ridiculous how often Rao finds interesting new perspectives on stuff. I re-read TGP just last week. It felt noticeably less dark and more true to life than the first time I read it... probably says something about how I've changed since I first found it a few years back.

    While cricsim is down I may as well share any good IP I find on your wall- if you missed in BritPol, the Dominic Cummings Brexit piece in the Spectator is really good. The Peter Pomerantsev book on Russia is pretty incredible too. Let me know if you find anything else!
    Let me check. livsports.in is supposed to have official live streaming but I can't find the player anywhere on the site.
    Oh yeah that's cool. I do understand the counter-argument, but I don't think emphasising individual rights is just a smokescreen for maintaining privileged position that should be dismissed out of hand. I'll post more in the thread.
    Just FYI- what Harsh posted in the GoT thread is a popular fan theory, not a fact stated in the books. Hope that takes away the sting of the spoiler somewhat.
    It's just hard to imagine how many more Salams were either driven away or killed by this extremist mindset. How much would they have improved Pakistan if given the chance? Take Malala Yousafzai as another example. Instead of treating her as a national treasure that she is, many in Pakistan openly despise her and think she's a foreign agent set to malign Pakistan. I think it's absolutely tragic that a country that was founded to protect the rights of the minorities is now one of the biggest persecutors of minorities in the world. Jinnah, a devout secularist and a minority Shia himself, would be horrified at what Pakistan has turned out to be. The Prophet would be as well to know how Islam is being interpreted in Pakistan and the Muslim world at large.
    I don't mind answering at all. I actually enjoy discussions of theology. To answer your question, I go with view number 3 from your choices. I have always felt that it is not for me to judge anyone's beliefs. Whether it's the Ahmadis or the Shias, or any other sect of Islam, who am I to say if they're proper Muslims or not? I know that even I, who practices the majority Sunni-brand of Islam, would be labeled a heretic by ISIS or the Taliban because I don't subscribe to their strict (and twisted IMO) Wahabi version of the faith. The biggest shame I feel about Pakistan is how the country has failed to protect its minorities. As you mentioned, it's absolutely tragic how we treated a national hero in Abdus Salam. (cont)
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