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  • “simply making a point with Pakistan as an example” Yes, sure, just happened to be virtually identical to your aggressively nationalist posting in other threads on this forum. Completely coincidental.

    We as moderators make no apologies for our lack of tolerance for nationalism, nationalists, and their malignant garbage. Of any variety.
    Ah crap, didn't see your last message. Got caught up in crying and rearranging tipped over things from yesterday. Also, I won't need a ride as I've got the wheels. Ah crap good reminder, I need to buy them tickets! Also, if you've got instagram, hit me up. Its bustanut_rhymez

    Let's go feastin on some gt20!
    Hi. I posted that in error. BUT, I must admit I was disappointed you didn't post a Congratulations to England message for winning the World Cup in the best cricket game ever.
    LOL NO WAY! It's 10 minutes away from my house too...I live down the street in Mississauga. Let's do it! Have you bought your tickets ?
    That's okay, I'll still likely be going. I am in Brampton, so the gt20 games will actually be a piece of cake for me to attend. Some of these games will literally be played at about 10 minutes from my house, lol.
    Hey dude. I don't plan on going in person - I haven't made the trip there yet. I just meant watching in person.
    Via email to moderators@cricketweb dot net

    It goes to all the moderators and you will get a reply from one of us soon.
    India. Also, there are a bunch of us in the Pro Wrestling Thread over in the General Sports forum. Hop over and say hi!
    I didn't see the post in the Ind vs Aus thread in time, so I'll just reply on here.

    Yes, that's Tanahashi.
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