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  • Hey man just a heads up that i deleted your reddit post lol. It's not that I care about people on this site rather than the opposite of being easily traceable to randoms from reddit from the info I've posted over the years on this website. Sorry.
    It was amazing ftr. I got another one today. Going to ruin my intermittent fasting with them if I keep up this rate.
    If you have a dry eye problem, proceed with caution. You might end up making the problem worse and have red eyes a lot. It's gotten better over the years but my eyes turn really red whenever I drink or play sports. Sometimes they stay red during normal days as well. It sucks because people keep pointing it out and it makes me self-conscious.

    Otherwise it's fantastic and life changing. I know people who've done it with no issues at all and they love it.
    First 10 at Sylvia get a SRSXB30 free

    Beyond that I think staff is definitely under 1000, I'll check tomorrow
    Haha yeah I do the ordering for mobile for our stores, we can sort you out the staff discount. It's coming in mid Augustish. Are you on the EDM list? I'm pretty sure they'll send one out when it lands.

    Mong Kong ladies market, Temple Street night market and seafood, Knutsford Terrace in TST for drinks, get dim sum and street food wherever you can, and if you have the time and inclination you could go for a hike in either Sai Kung, Clearwater bay or even around HK Island.
    We also have a bunch of Michelin star restaurants here. Ocean Park is a fun day out. Disneyland is okay but a bit overrated IMO. Lantau, Big Buddha, Cable Car all good. Central/SoHo/MidLevels/LKF is the main nightlife but there are nice bars basically all around. Wan Chai is your go to place for sleezy strip clubs and hookers tho. And to balance off that you can then go to the Chi Lin Nunnery the next day, try out their Buddhist veggie restaurant and just explore the area it's very nice.

    You'll also have a lot of fun just exploring the random streets around HK. It's such a packed and chaotic, yet well organised place.
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