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  • Hi Bagapath. Just wondering when you going to call the winner of your Stats Draft?
    Oniy has just dropped out of Monk's latest draft. You should put your hand up to take his place. You would pick second in round 1.
    Nice draft bagapath with some cracking teams the desired end result!

    (Camo has Bill Johnston in his team, not Brian Johnston)

    Hi baga, nice to see you after a long time. You must be busy churning out blackbusters in the meanwhile I trust? I have been shuffling between places. Between jobs and between studies. But life is good. What about you? What have you been busy with? Last time I checked you were busy making a film with one of the biggest names in kollywood iirc. How did that go down. What are you working on nowadays?
    I don't think he's been taken yet, so pick Rashid Latif for me when it's my turn, Mr. Moderator.
    Baggy, the list is currently being converted into hard back and will be released just in time for Father's Day. I can assure you that you don't feature, and you should take the fact that I haven't discussed cricket with you as a compliment! Always rated you Baggy.

    try, Zen and the Art of Screenwriting: Insights and Interviews: William Froug: 9781879505315: Amazon.com: Books. it is my favorite.

    and the standard text book around the world for script writers, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting: Syd Field: 9780385339032: Amazon.com: Books. this website, SydField.com - A Website for Screenwriters - The Art of Visual Storytelling, might also be useful.

    if you really love some films, like i love citizen kane, annie hall, goodfells and inglorious basterds, you should try to download the scripts and read them.

    its going to be a fun trip. best wishes.
    Cheers baga. I was thinking about getting into writing screen-plays. Do you know of any useful books?
    Hey mate, not at all. I actually read your posts and ignore the rest ;). Just very busy with studies this year; I graduate from Law school at the end of the year.
    Hi bagapath. I don't mix the two groups - the discerning fans and the fanboys. As I mentioned in that thread too, people are better on CW. I was referring to big cricketing sites like Cricinfo that have hoards of Indian fans frequent and comment on articles. Whilst it hasn't resulted in Cricinfo writing up ridiculous tributes; you can tell they are pandering to the crowd somewhat. It sounds silly to say, almost paranoid, but the whiff of it is a bit to strong to ignore.
    the bigger problem with your earlier post was you claimed that sachin fans like to compare him with lara because lara is statistically inferior to sachin and sachin comes out better in those comparisons. so it is always the preferred argument instead of a possible comparison with ponting in which sachin is likely to come out the loser. this was one of the most warped arguments i have heard in quite some time. lara and sachin are both better than ponting. there is no conspiracy here.

    Well, Sachin has overtaken Ponting again IMO but Lara no. And if you recall, I referring to Ponting at his peak...when he was far ahead of both. I said even then people did not want to discuss Ponting as being the best. It is not warped. It's like Pele fans more willing to compare him to Garrincha than Maradona. It happens, fanboys can be petty. Heck, Pele himself said Ronaldinho is better than Maradona and so Maradona shouldn't be compared to him.
    Thanks mate, Yes I have received your email, just looking at your list now.
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