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  • I’ve just posted a link to a video in the British Politics thread that I suspect you’ll have something to say about
    I definitely think you're right in that it's well below the belt for him to be using you as a sort of punching bag to make snide remarks about in threads you're not even posting in. I'll have to chat to the other mods and probably give Burgey some sort of general warning about it.

    For future reference, you're better off either reporting his posts when he does something like that, or sending the mods an email if you want to take about a general trend. That way we can use the infraction system, or reply to you in private. Creating a thread for everyone to have their say in was just inevitably going to lead to a pissing contest.
    - Most of my arguments had kind of evolved into talking points to which anarchy was the natural conclusion. If you believe in self-ownership, property rights, subjective value etc it becomes very hard to argue that it should be okay for the government to steal small amounts of money.. and without tax, threats and force, government institutions cease to exist, or at the very least just change into non-government.
    - Essentially what you just said. Sustained anarchy may a bit unrealistic in some ways, but I became sadly convinced that sustained small government is even moreso. If you have a small government based on anything people have devised so far -- constitutional democracy, monarchy, direct democracy, whatever -- the incentives involved will always propel it to grow. I think the only way to avoid big government is to get rid of it altogether. It may be so that getting rid of it will have to involve shrinking it first, but if we don't kill it from there it'll just grow again.
    Yeah I don't really disagree. I don't think you're so kind of evil statist; I'm just having fun when I post those posts. I think if you wanted your anarchist society to actually stay as such and not quickly devolve into some sort of government, you'd have to take gradual steps to get there rather than just pushing the End Government button tomorrow. I came around to the no-state position very slowly in two main ways that I will send in the next VM because it restricts me to 1000 characters.
    Agree with all that tbh, but I subscribe to Jason Stapleton’s logic - win converts, not arguments. I just don’t see the former happening here, though that being said I guess it’s the silent observer you should be thinking of converting rather than those who we debate

    The thing about the moral position is people are too busy painting libertarians as bat**** crazy selfish ****s to understand we even know what morality is. I think you’re right that it’s the sharpest point that can be made; but round here it’s on deaf ears
    Right, I mean I have no problem with you getting into these discussions, in fact your tenacity is to be applauded. I just don’t have the heart to argue vociferously with people whose minds I won’t be changing. Primarily because as you know, once I start I can’t stop.

    I spoke with PEWS off forum on Friday and we both agreed that people were twisting your words/misconstruing you. Hence my helicopter post. But it becomes a vicious circle.

    It’s a frustrating place to discuss politics - once upon a time I refused to discuss it online at all. Maybe that was the right way to go!
    Who did you mean when you said ‘you guys may not like me getting into these discussions...’
    Oh aye I heard he was going on Rogan again. Will have to get on that. Knew you'd like it.
    I don't know if you ever listened to Dave Smith's 'Part of the Problem' podcast but he's recently released a comedy special called 'Libertas' and you would absolutely love it. I guarantee it. You can get it on gas digital, iTunes, Amazon etc. Trust me mate.
    Hey man,

    Sorry to bug you again - was wondering if we could have a quick chat about defacto visas?

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