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Thread: Cricket great Martin Crowe diagnosed with cancer

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    Cricket great Martin Crowe diagnosed with cancer

    One of New Zealand's best known cricketers, Martin Crowe, has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

    The former New Zealand captain was diagnosed with the cancer this week, a statement issued by his manager Louise Henderson said.

    "Understandably the family have a number of issues to confront over the next couple of weeks, the diagnosis is very new, the family is still in shock and obviously dealing with the understanding that life as they know it for the unforeseeable future is different,'' she said.

    Henderson is also manager to Crowe's wife, former Miss Universe Lorraine Downes.

    The family requested privacy as they came to terms with the situation, Henderson said.

    Crowe, a former New Zealand captain who scored 5444 runs from 77 tests, turned 50 last month.

    His test career spanned from 1982 to 1995 in which he averaged 45.36 and established himself as one of the countryís best batsmen.

    He was also the inspirational leader behind New Zealandís memorable run to the World Cup semifinals on home soil in 1992.

    Crowe attempted a comeback at age 49 last year but, in his first premier match for Auckland club Cornwall, was forced to retire hurt and conceded his body wasnít up to the rigours of the sport.

    Martin Crowe Diagnosed With Cancer |

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    Horrible news.
    one day NZ will bring chappell to his knees in a puddle of his own tears and you'll see Phlegm on his belly greedily tasting every delicious tear before watching the hope fade from that old ****s eyes.
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    Lets hope he beats it.

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    Really sad news Best wishes to Crowe and family

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    There not many types of lymphomas that are aggressive and have a poor prognosis. Most can be successfully treated if caught early. Let's hope that Martin has a more benign version of the disease.
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    Terrible news. Shows how quick life can change, less than one year ago he was attempting a cricket comeback.

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    Wow, horrible news.

    Hopefully he can have a full recovery.

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    Good luck Martin, the thoughts of a nation are with you.
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    bad luck, best wishes.
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    Thoughts are with Martin and his family.

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    Thats bad news. Hope he pulls through it.
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    **** terrible news..hope he pulls through..

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    Jesus. Let's hope he kicks its arse. 50 seriously far too young to be checking out.

    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
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    Very sad news and I wish the very best to him and his family.
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    Bad news, but fortunately Lymphona is one of the good cancers to get, provided you catch it early. My cousin had it and is now fully recovered.
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