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  • Hope you took all my comments in the right spirit last weekend. Being honest I thought it was a poor game, but we had no clue whatsoever. Red card was harsh though. Norburn is still class I see - ran the game and still all mouth

    What was interesting though was how much of a good ovation Micky got. Assumed he was unpopular with you lit - maybe that was just you haha?!!
    Thanks mate I appreciate that greatly. Again, my apologies. Totally out of line. Next time I’m over there we can get pissed together and post rubbish about every other ****
    Hello chief,
    I’ve just got back from bathing the dogs (the exciting Friday night ice of a middle aged bloke) and re-read my earlier post.
    It was OTT and I will now delete it. You may want to delete yours you quoted it in, but that’s a matter for you.

    Anyway, I took your post as an insult at a personal level, but my response was way out of proportion. I hope you can see your way fit to let it slide between us, as I know we’ve had our differences in the past but nothing quite so personal as this.

    Anyway, I wanted to VM you as soon as I could. Understand if you’re aggrieved and CBF letting it go, but I hope we can put it behind us.

    Your lot are still **** though, and will get rolled for 140 max :-p
    No worries mate. I'd have got back to you sooner but I've been posting off the mobile skin all weekend and can't see VMs on that.

    Though this message of yours has not aged well. :ph34r:
    Same obsession with stats and how players are robbed no things are disgusting.

    Will no doubt start blocking people soon.
    Ha! I hadn't seen that. Thanks mate. Much appreciated. I had to borrow a big wig, breeches and tights for the ceremony. I looked even more like a dickhead than I do every other day of the week.
    Hope you’re doing ok. Seems a bit of a bad patch with you losing your dog and wisdom teeth coming out. Hopefully you’ve had all the bad stuff now . ☺
    No it does not. Afraid I’d be in pieces over it and truth be told I dread the day even though Maisie is still young. Nice to see your avatar is of your dog.
    Sorry to hear about your dog. It’s a very hard decision to take when they are ill. Such a responsibility . They are amazing companions. Thoughts with you .
    1/2 Final!
    Just started...

    Final four greatest movie characters remaining...
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