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  • Watched it last night. Awesome as you say. Loved the tune that played during the whole church scene. Love the outro as well.
    Yeah I've seen the YouTube of that, like a thousand times. So good! It's quite cheered me up actually; had an argument with Heef which always gets me down.
    Haha. Thanks for not minding my message Mike that was good of you. I was a bit nervous as to how it would land. You are a good sort. Cheers.
    Mike would you mind re-quoting my post in the betting scandal thread? - probably unfair for me to write what I did so I altered it.
    Hi Mike - if keen to see NZ A highlights (they're showing half hour packages regularly on the Star Sports India schedule) I'll link to the clips in the video description of this one -

    Latham's Bouncer - YouTube
    Yo dude, uploading those videos onto Youtube, easy? Wouldn't mind knowing how to do it myself if you don't mind.
    Tracing aws.

    Probably shoudln't have called him a big ego, mod life crisis, all those other things...:ninja:
    1 day, but I was on 9 pts and got a 10 pt infraction so 1 more point and it's a week. ****s!

    I said slyza was dishonest about his afl sim lol
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I won't be able to login too much on to the forum until the first week of July since I am going away on a sabbatical and will have extremely limited access to the internet which will probably go into checking my email.

    I do appreciate your offer and if your offer is still on the table when I return in the first week of July I would be quite happy to accept it.

    Thanks again and I hope the Stingrays do well this coming season :)
    Go to cricsim, make an account if you don't already have one and post in this thread saying you're keen.New Zealand Domestic Cricket Draft II - CricSim

    Unfortunately we just started literally ten minutes ago, but I'll tack you on the end.
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