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Thread: Fast bowler survival round quarter and semi finals

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    Fast bowler survival round quarter and semi finals

    We have arrived at the quarter and semi finals for the Fast Bowler Survival series.

    Surviving to this point are these eight bowlers:


    Quarter final 1

    Sir Richard Hadlee vs Dennis Lillee

    Sir Richard Hadlee
    "Paddles" is one of the highest wicket taking bowlers of all time, and New Zealand's best cricketer.
    Sir Richard Hadlee | New Zealand Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials |

    Dennis Lillee
    The complete fast bowler. He could do everything and stepped up when most needed.
    Dennis Lillee | Australia Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials |

    Quarter final 2

    Curtly Ambrose vs Imran Khan

    Curtly Ambrose
    Knowing this man was bowling made me scared. I wasn't even playing.
    Curtly Ambrose | West Indies Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials |

    Imran Khan
    Imran was a giant of Pakistani cricket. A fantastic captain, a great fast bowler and a solid batsman (though you're only to judge him here on his bowling capabilities).
    Imran Khan | Pakistan Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials |

    Votes will close Sunday evening.
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    Sir Richard Hadlee

    Imran Khan
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    Richard Hadlee
    Curtly Ambrose
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    It obviously gets a lot tougher in the QFís and Semiís. Every single matchup will be close. Iíll go with Hadlee in the first. I rank him second only to Marshall. In the second matchup, with all due apologies to the great Ambrose, Iíll go with Imran. At his peak, he was the best fast bowler in the world. And contrary to popular perception, he carried the load for Pakistan during his peak, as Sarfaraz and Wasim either were ineffective or injured during those legendary battles with the mighty Windies.

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    Jeez, so little in both of these. In the end for me Hadlee is ever-so-fractionally shaded by his idol, Lillee.

    And in the second I'm going with Imran, again in a very close one. I believe that Imran's immense value as an all-round cricketer, combined with what he meant to Pakistan cricket, means he is sometimes under-rated purely as a fast bowler. At his peak in the 1980s, his record stood up against anyone, including Marshall.
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    Lillee. Just a bit better than Paddles. Similar overall stats, but comes down to Lillee stepping up strong against some of the best line-ups of all time; for redefining himself post injury; and for doing it in a strong attack and as a lone-wolf like Hadlee.

    Imran over Ambrose.
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    Richard Hadlee
    Curtly Ambrose

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    I must admit I misunderstood Dennis Lillee in the beginning, but after reading what contemporary cricketers had to say about the man and also considering the massive destructive streak he had(7 10-ers in 70 games), I am better 'educated' about the great bowler. Having said all that, I consider Richard Hadlee to be the second finest pacer of them all, and the way he carried the attack and his astounding accuracy(which in my opinion, saw the rise of two of the greatest bowlers in the next decade) carries him through this for me.

    The second one is an easier choice to make for me, Though Curtly was immense and extremely likable, Imran is the superior bowler for mine, because of his inspirational ability to take the match into his own hands.

    Wasim Bari wrote about a chat he had with the Manager of the Indian team, The Maharaja of Baroda before the 1982-83 series in Pakistan. The Manager said "We have a batting line-up, till No. 11, and nothing can go through them." Bari replied "You haven't seen Imran yet because even if you have 15, he'll go through you."

    The rest as they say is history, as Imran famously decimated the Indian Order in the second Innings for 8-60 in perhaps the finest display of reverse swing ever.

    His role in the development of 25% of this list cannot be ignored either.

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    Cause Slifer said so.........!!!!

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    Dennis Lillee
    Curtly Ambrose

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    Ambrose and Hadlee.
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    Hadlee and Ambrose

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    Hadlee & Curtly.

    Would take Imran as a player every time, but as a bowler I reckon the big fella has him beat hands down.
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