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Days of Grace

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  • You can use this for Sehwag:
    There was a glorious bluntness to everything Sehwag. Whether it was his infamous press conferences in the tests against Bangladesh (bluntly calling them a very ordinary team who wrent capable of taking 20 wickets) or his answer to a question about whether Greg Chappell helped his batting during his time as coach ("No"), or his idea of how to keep Amla off strike in a test India were trying to win with time running out (intentionally throwing the ball over the boundary rope). Sehwag's answer to all of these was the most obvious one yet one which no one else would dare choose. And his batting was exactly the same. He's probably higher on this list than most of us snobs would like but its appropriate that a batsman who completely broke the accepted norms about batting would sort of break the formula in a statistical exercise as well.
    Thanks DoG, it’s surprising, onsidering Miller is often rated as a better batsman than bowler. Thanks so much for the time you’ve put in to your ratings
    Hi DoG,

    Use the scatterplot option of Excel charts. Then eyeballin the chart will usually tell you whether the association is linear, exponential or hyperbolic.

    Excel is limited in plotting exponential and hyperbolic functions. If you can send me the matches vs Points data, I could do a plot with SPSS or R, and possibly fit a curve so you can get and equation to use. My email is rangamw2003 (at) yahoo.com. My name is Dr. Ranga Weerakkody and I am a Cnnsultant Nephrologist by profession


    Yeah, not a lot of demand for it I guess. I know some gigs of that sort exist, but probably as rare as hen's teeth and not really sure how to search for/identify them.
    Interesting. I have in excess of 5 publications, but they are all in field of EU law. Any idea if there is any demand for this over there?
    Is there an email I can reach you at? I can't seem to send a link to the scorecards I want you to check.
    Hi DoG

    I've recently joined the forum and came across your rating for the greatest Test innings and I found it very interesting. Great job by the way!

    I am interested to know more about the actual calculation. I know you've given some detailson it but unfortunately, I am not an expert at analysing data like that. Are you able to provide a more detailed breakdown of how an innings rating is calculated..Maybe if you ran through once example of an innings all the way through to the final rating I would be able to follow it more easily.

    Cheers mate.
    i'm quite busy these days with a job change + move, but i can try to when i have some time.
    I do think his 281 is slightly overrated though - Dravid's knock is basically ignored, which doesn't help VVS in the % runs and support factors.
    It's a factor that only applies to innings of a threshold % runs scored to avoid crediting ones that are insignificant. I use that % as the weighting scale and multiply that by the match situation. For a 3rd innings follow-on with the team behind in runs significantly (1st innings vs 2nd innings runs comparison), and the batsman has been at the crease for a certain number of wickets (this is to avoid crediting easy chases unnecessarily) and the batsman's team eventually wins (VVS's 281 as an example), I check the % contribution and multiply that by a scalar (higher for wins). Same concept applies for 4th innings run chases except the scaling factor is higher (Lara's 153*).. Even with all this I still struggle to get some innings in my top 100. Laxman's 167 is rated higher than his 281 in mine, and his 281 just misses the top 100.
    The general warning is just to formalise the one I gave in-thread; the mod team is trying to keep track of those kinds of things a bit more, so there's nothing to worry about there.
    It's actually quite a bit of work.. I've scraped all the scorecards and stored all the relevant details using python.. I have been planning to modify my batting innings ratings formula with some of your ideas (I don't agree with my top 100 myself), but haven't got around to doing it yet.. If you are interested, we can collaborate more heavily and I will give you credit. This is just extreme statistics-nerd stuff after all :)
    EPL tips - still got time for tomorrow's fixtures, New Year's Day fixtures and tonight's game if you tip in the next 10 mins.
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