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Cricket Betting- What you need to Know


Similar to football, or basketball for that matter, cricket betting requires some understanding of the game in order to make any sort of profit. For novices and professional punters alike, the game of cricket provides plenty of winning options. Though basketball may not have as wide a range of betting choices, cricket and football have a lot of similarities. The options are endless, from winning teams or top batsmen, to inning runs and outright winners. In order to perfect your art on how to bet on cricket, we have compiled a list of the most common options for cricket punters. The list covers what you are allowed to do, in terms of bet placement. Keeping in mind that betting is risk-taking, we also cover what to expect in case your bet doesn’t go as planned. There are instances whereby one option may be more suitable than the other, depending on a team’s ranking for example. In-play or live betting is also available on some sites. These give you the option of placing a wager while watching the game. Makes for an exhilarating experience.

All in all, you will need to do ample research on teams, and understand cricket betting terminology to cash out big. Let’s examine these betting options

Match Betting

This is perhaps the simplest to understand, and of course simplest to put money on. There are only three outcomes with this kind of wager- A win, a loss, or a draw. This is the most popular form of Gambling to date.

Match Completion

Will a match go through to completion? Will it see its duration or does the weather pose a threat? If you are inclined towards a game ending pre-completion, you could place a wager for the match not being completed during a particular day. Seems easy enough, right? Well, as easy as it may seem, the odds will be considerably lower if it seems likely the game won’t end that day. You may have to place a much higher amount of money, to make a substantial profit.

Teams to Draw

If you believe the teams will in fact tie at the end of the competition, then placing a bet on these options is available to you. In any case, and unlike the odds in soccer, a tie will have a considerably lower odd than that of one team winning over another. Once the final score reveals a tie, you will in fact win the wager. This bet, which will take advantage of a lower odd, would also require a higher amount placed in order to make substantial profit.

Innings Runs

Using the over/under types of betting, this option will allow you to predict if runs will exceed or be lower than a certain number. Once you visit sportsbooks, you will read through a predicted number of runs for a particular team, or game. If you select over, and the runs exceed the predicted amount, then you win that bet. Alternatively, if you come up short, you make no money.

Bowler of the Game

During a given match, and pursuant to what was mentioned above, a player may out match his peers and dominate the game. It is profitable for you to know players well. When research is duly conducted, especially for the novice, it can help you place a bet on who may perform optimally in a game. For instance, if you believe a certain player will MAKE the most wickets during a game, be sure to put some money on him. These bets are very specific and any potential wins have a huge payout.

Ace Batsman


Similar to the top bowler, this type of bet placement will see you reap a healthier cash out. Because it is harder to predict who will in fact score more points, in terms of batting averages, it pays out a considerable amount of money. If you gamble on an underdog team or player, the odds will be higher (less likely), that he will win. This is the perfect cricket betting option if you have eyed a player for a while and have some insight into his batting averages

Top Batsman Team

Complementing the ace batsman option is the top team option. If you are not so sure who will come out top in their batting and scoring stats, you could guess which team will. This might be easier for you to predict once you know which team has a better skillset. The chances of you winning money on this one may be much higher than picking an individual, and hoping to cash out big with his skills.

Bowler Match Bets

Similar to the top bowler option, but in this case the focus is on either of two players. What this bet entails is a winner for a particular match or even the series, in terms of hitting wickets. This is slightly easier to bet on because their skills set determines who you select as the winner. It puts two players head to head and one’s skills over another. There is a need to have considerable knowledge regarding the two picks you are considering placing money on.

Batsman Match Wagers

Again, you will have the slightly easier option, unlike the top batsman one above, to choose between two. Once you believe one player stands a better chance of winning, place your money on them and wait for the results. This bet will be based on who makes the most runs, as a batsman. That being the case, it is in your best interest to get to know the players and their batting averages beforehand. You can score while they score too.

Perceived Winning Team

This is a bet placed on what YOU believe will be the winning team- out rightly. It simply requires that you have a team in mind that you believe has a better chance of winning. Sport books and punters alike can help you gauge which team to root for. Though professional punters should be used, you can research on recent changes like say, a new player or a loss of a player in the opposing team. This can help greatly when picking the best odds, especially before odds begin to change.

Series Champions

Similar to football games, cricket also hosts a few championships. In these, you can pinpoint which team is likely to take the trophy in a particular series. Because this is not a one-off attempt at winning a day game, you may need to visit a few sites to get insight on top performers. It is paramount that you read on statistics to have an upper hand on your wager, otherwise your bet could go horribly wrong.

Over or Under

This alternative to betting is quite simple. Once websites have posted what they believe will be the top scores, it is up to you to match that, or select over/under. This implies that you believe the total or ending score will be over what they predicted, or will fall under. Depending on your luck or the prevailing circumstances, you could make out with a big payout. This all depends on what other professionals had predicted.

Final Score for the Series

This is one of the best options for advanced gamblers. It may also be a lucrative alternative for one who has performed due diligence. If you have performed research on the series, and the pertinent teams, betting on who wins a series is undoubtedly the way to go. As punters place their winners, you will have a chance to predict what the overall score of the series will be. This is quite often one of the toughest bets to predict correctly. The outcome may lead to a handsome payout.

Heads or Tails

 If you’ve never placed one of these bets, it will surprise you to note it has nothing to do with who wins. This is a quick win or lose for you and it’s based on who wins the coin toss, at the beginning of a game. It is entirely left up to chance, no batting skills or team competencies involved. Once the coin is flipped and your team wins (or loses) the toss, you either have your money, or you don’t.

Odd or Even Runs


Like a soccer bet with the same options, you can predict whether the final score, in runs will be an odd or even number. For those with wheels already turning in their heads, the number zero in this case is considered an even number. It is as straightforward as can be, no research required except maybe an understanding of how much you will receive if your bet goes through.

As you can see, cricket betting is not entirely a complicated endeavor. It does, however, require you to put in some effort or lose out on big winnings. There are plenty of websites offering you odds that you need, but these odds you to make informed decisions.  

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