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A Quick Guide to Test Cricket


A Quick Guide to Test Cricket

Casual cricket fans might have noticed that there is a small difference between some of the different types of cricket we see being played at the professional level. While there are many different leagues and tournaments out there, it is often Test cricket that comes out as being the most prestigious. Let’s take a closer look at what Test cricket entails.

International Games

One of the first differences between Test cricket and other games is that it is usually played by national teams rather than smaller ones. There are currently 10 teams around the world that have been granted Test status, including countries like England, Pakistan, and South Africa to name a few.

This status is determined by the International Cricket Council. Reaching this level is a great honour, as the games themselves are very long and difficult. This is some of the highest levels of cricket that can be played, and matches are very long. It is not unusual for a single Test cricket match to take up to five days, and there are some that have lasted even longer. This is a gruelling version of the sport, and it shows the athleticism and perseverance of the teams.

Big Matches

Test cricket is not one big tournament comparable to a World Cup. It is actually a series of individual competitions between various nations. The most famous of these is the Ashes, which always takes place between the UK and Australia. Many of these competitions also have a special trophy that is passed back and forth between the teams depending on who wins.

These Test matches are always looked up with a lot of interest and anticipation. If you are getting ready to follow a Test series for the first time, heading to a site like can help you work out more about the games at hand, and how the odds work should you want to place a bet on the outcome of a match.

Watching a Match

Though cricket is maybe not one of the world’s most popular sports compared to others, you will often find that Test cricket is well-publicised when a big match rolls around – especially if it is an old rivalry as seen in the Ashes test series. As a result, you should be able to find the matches broadcast somewhere on your local TV, or available for streaming online.

A Test series is also always fully played out in one of the two countries involved. You should be able to find a way to watch the games, even if it is on a sports channel you don’t usually watch. If you live in the country where the Test match is taking place, you could even think about picking up some tickets so you can see play happen in front of you.

Test cricket is the perfect showcase of this sport at its most elite level. If you love cricket, you need to check out some of the Test series to see this sport played at its best.

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