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A Complete List of the Called off Cricket Matches and What Bookies are Doing with the Lack of Sports to Follow Because of the Pandemic

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been the headlines of any news in the last few weeks. It was last week when the World Health Organization finally called the threat and spread of this virus a pandemic. This makes it an uncontrolled virus for many countries worldwide.

Over 320,000 cases related to this virus are reported to exist worldwide. An astounding number of around 4,000 death toll has been reached. This has affected many people and industries including the world of sports.

Almost all sporting events have been canceled or postponed anywhere else in the world. What follows this is the struggle of the sports betting industry to offer the most odds that they could. Many punters would now resort to going after a casino jackpot instead.

Fans of any sports events worldwide are now probably feeling the same thing as their most-awaited season has become uncertain. The NBA is already canceled and the English Premier League with a big following worldwide is also called off for now. For cricket, here are the following matches that have already been postponed or canceled:

  • The India-South Africa 2nd ODI in Lucknow that is supposed to happen on March 15 and the 3rd ODI in Kolkata originally scheduled on March 18 are both postponed.
  • The Australia-New Zealand 2nd ODI in Sydney that was scheduled on March 15 and 3rd ODI in Hobart on March 20 is already canceled.
  • Two Sri Lanka-England tests scheduled on March 19-31 are both postponed.
  • The Pakistan-Bangladesh ODI on April 1 and the 2nd of this test from April 5-9 are all postponed.
  • The World XI-Asia XI matches in Dhaka, Bangladesh that was supposed to happen on March 21-22.
  • Three South Africa-Australia Women ODIs and three T20s from March 22-April 4 are also all postponed.
  • The New Zealand-Australia 3 T20s from March 24-29 are all canceled.
  • 3 ODIs of Zimbabwe-Ireland and 3 T20s from April 2-12 are also moved.
  • 3 ODIs of Ireland-Bangladesh and 4 T20s scheduled on May 14-29 are postponed.
  • The Indian Premier League that was just around the corner and was to start on March 29 is postponed at least until April 15.
  • The English County Championship will also be delayed and won’t push through on April 12.
  • The Pakistan Super League matches from March 13 will push through but will have no spectators.
  • All matches scheduled in India since March 14 are suspended. This includes all other sporting events.
  • All matches in the West Indies from March 16 are also suspended.
  • All matches in South Africa from March 16 are suspended.
  • The Men’s Cricket World Cup Challenge League A between Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore and Vanuatu in Malaysia that should have started on March 16 and lasted until the 26th are all postponed.
  • The Men’s Cricket World Cup League 2 matches between United States, Scotland and the United Arab Emirates in Florida that would have to start on April 1-8 are postponed.
  • The Everest Premier League in Nepal that was due to start on March 14 is postponed.
  • The Sheffield Shield in Australia on March 15 is now canceled.
  • The Plunket Shield in New Zealand scheduled on March 16 is already canceled.
  • The Dhaka Premier League in Bangladesh from March 16 has been suspended.
  • The Pakistan Cup ODI tournament scheduled from March 25-April 24 is postponed.
  • The Women’s ODI Quadrangular between Thailand, Ireland, Netherlands and Zimbabwe in Chiang Mai, Thailand will no longer start on April 3 and last until the 11th as it’s all canceled.

This is definitely a long and hurtful list for many cricket fans out there. While there are indeed tests that would proceed with no spectators, this may not be enough for the punters out there. Sportsbooks online, however, have started to get creative to still be able to cater to betting fans despite the lack of fixtures starting this month.

There are now online bookies that would accept wagers on the weather, the result of the elections, about the final song on this season’s American Idol and so on. This may sound something funny to others but for some, it’s still a way for them to deal with the loss of many sports events this season.

For people who would still really want to bet on sports, aside from the tests with no spectators, there still are sports events that will push through in some parts of South Africa and Russia. However, bookies are honest that the odds are just really not enough because as soon as these are released, they quickly go out.


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