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  • Brian Lara Cricket 99/Shane Warne Cricket 99

    Brian Lara Cricket 99/Shane Warne Cricket 99 Review

    After the disappointments of CWC 99, SWC 99 quenched our thirst for a decent, playable, arcade cricket simulation. After having played Cricket 2002 for a week now, going back to SWC 99 was like, well, going back a few years in time. The graphics were what you expect from a PSone game, with some terrible […]

  • Brian Lara / Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007

    Brian Lara / Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 Review

    At the age of nine, my primary school class played a game called “Adventure Island” on the BBC Micro. It’s probably best described as a very early version of the role-playing game. In several parties, we had to navigate ourselves off an uninhabited island without dying in the process. One of the ways we found […]

  • Cricket 2007

    Cricket 2007 Review

    EA Sports have released their latest cricket simulation which hit the markets around the world in November, amid stiff competition from Codemasters who announced their latest title, Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 for release in March 2007. Despite leading the pack in the graphics field, many EA Sports cricket titles have been criticized for flaws […]

  • Cricket Coach

    Cricket Coach Review

    Grand Theft Auto. Halo. Legend of Zelda. Gaming titles which instantly draw attention, getting the critics raving and fans salivating. Such was the work-up to Cricket Coach, the latest effort from the creative minds behind Michael Vaughan’s Cricket Manager, that the end result was bitterly disappointing. Why was this? Well, cricket games are few and […]

  • Cricket 2005

    Cricket 2005 Review

    Its like waiting for a bus, there has been a paucity of good cricket games for years, and this summer, three turn up at once. How does EAs latest offering shape up to the competition from Brian Lara International Cricket, and Empires ICC 2005? More importantly, does it surpass EAs rather poor offerings of late? […]

  • Brian Lara International Cricket 2005

    Brian Lara International Cricket 2005

    Cricket has never been an over-represented category on games developers’ to-do lists – but as cricket has returned to summer 2005’s sphere of cool, Empire, Codemasters and EA compete for a portion of the world’s disposable income as they look to revitalise the genre – or polish a rusty old machine and pass it off […]

  • Cricket 2005

    Cricket 2005 Review

    Once again, EA has shown it’s contempt for cricket fans and once again, the equivalent offering from Codemasters (they’re doing Brian Lara’s cricket, right?) will probably overtake this one and show them how a cricket game should be done. I’m sure people remember the shemozzles that were EA Cricket 1999 and 2000. Cricket 2002 was […]

  • Cricket 2004 Review

    Cricket 2004 Review

    My first impressions of the game play were, it was not as much fun as 2002, but wait, giving it 8 or more hours of practice and play I must say this is far, far more realistic and challenging than 2002. This is much more a sim than 2002 and will appeal more to the […]

  • Cricket 2004 Review

    Cricket 2004 – Review

    The next generation has arrived, after much hype, anticipation & several frustrating delays, EA Sports have finally released the latest edition in their long line of Cricket titles, Cricket 2004. Here are my hands on impressions of the Playstation 2 version. The game, at first glance, appears much like its predecessor. The introduction cut-scene features […]

  • Cricket 2002

    Cricket 2002 Review

    EA finally hits the nail on the head this time with Cricket 2002 First it were Beam Software & Melbourne House who started it all with Cricket96. The game which took cricket to a new level with in-game commentary, 3D graphics, action replays, motion captured players, variety of tournaments, and all things revolutionary. EA’s name […]