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The Resurgence of Pakistan Cricket: From Tragedy to Triumph


Cricket is more than just a sport for Pakistan – it’s an inseparable part of the nation’s identity, a symbol of unity in diversity, and a conduit of national pride. However, the trajectory of Pakistan’s cricketing saga has been far from smooth. This article delves into the tumultuous journey of Pakistan cricket, recounting its trials and triumphs over the past decade.


India, West Indies and the ‘other’ 1983 – Part 1


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the most romantic episode in Indian cricket history. On 25th June 1983 Kapil Dev stood on the balcony as the Lord’s twilight loomed and held aloft the Prudential World Cup. Their opponents, West Indies, had been expected to cruise to a third consecutive world crow


Not Out Innings and Batting Averages


In January and February, Peter Kettle made a thorough-going evaluation of proposals put forward by others for the treatment of Not Out innings in deriving batting averages. He also made recommendations and showed what effect these would have on traditional averages for a sizeable sample of Test batsmen.

In this Epilogue, he considers what the famous 20 th century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein – a radical thinker and cricket enthusiast – would have proposed in a scenario talking to Denis Compton at The Oval ground in the summer of 1947.