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What Happened Next?

2015 Cricket World Cup Logo

After a build-up that at times seemed as if it would take an eternity, the 2015 Cricket World Cup finally got underway to something of a false start, as New Zealand and Sri Lanka reached the 18-over mark in the opening fixture before realising that the tournament had begun, and they were not in fact […]


In Defence of our Children


Neil Pickup takes a closer look at the MCC’s annual Spirit of Cricket survey: should we spend every new season questioning the moral code of the next generation – or is there more to it than that?


Playing for Keeps


Seven years on from an earlier article on the state of wicketkeeping in the world game, Neil Pickup returns to the question of glovework, and wonders what the future holds for a position that never seems to be far from a talking point.


International Cricket 2010 Review

International Cricket 2010

Twelve months ago I reviewed Ashes Cricket 2009, and remember being left with a bitter taste in the back of my throat. I actually went back to it in a brief, unthinking, moment last winter – having convinced myself that it couldn’t have been quite as bad as I’d remembered. It was worse. Last year’s […]


Eastern Promise


Last Monday afternoon contained the e-mail saying, “Neil, someone has had to pull out of the school exchange trip. Do you fancy coming to Tokyo on Thursday?” What could I learn about cricket from the Far East?