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The best betting sites for cricket fans situated in India

It is common knowledge that cricket is massively popular in India which is why there are so many trustworthy and secure sites for cricket betting in India. Bet on a method a player will use, predict the player who will win, or bet on the number of runs a team will have. With numerous sites to bet on, it is easy to find the most appropriate one for you. However, what you require are some guidelines on what to watch for when diving into cricket betting in India. You can use the following list as a guide to get the best betting experience.

Top 5 betting sites in India

These are top betting sites for cricket betting in India. You can research their terms, and decide which one you will sign up, and create an account with to start placing bets.

22bet is nice if you want to get lucky every time. They provide favourable betting odds and several live cricket betting markets. They feature popular tournament and events with the cricket team in India for instance, IPL (India Premier League) and Twenty20 world cup. They allow multiple options for deposits and withdrawals for Indians. It is favourable for cricket betting in India. New customers get a bounty bonus ranging 7000 – 10000 Rupees.

Indiabet is highly functional and secure. They provide a list of ongoing events and the teams playing. Players can win prizes the more they bet and earn stars. It is free to use and features major events like IPL. It is an international site but they tailor it to meet the needs of Indian users. The method of currency for deposits and withdrawals is the India Bet Rupees or IBR. Access betting previews for different events before betting and read blogs about betting in India. You can even make suggestions on other cricket betting markets the site can introduce.

10Cric is best for you if you want to choose from a range of payment depositing options including using Rupees. They also score most categories highly. 10Cric is easy to use even for beginners. They have the Indian cricket team available for you to bet on. They provide a bonus for newbies who sign in.

1xbet are international, inclusive of Indian cricket games. They offer live markets to bet on cricket games with the Indian team. If you are a cricket fan but new at betting, this is one of the easy sites to start with. They offer a customer bonus, you can play other casino games alongside cricket betting, they offer a full package. It is appropriate for a cricket fan who wants to bet on the sport occasionally but still enjoy other forms of gambling.

Betway is highly praised for their ability to provide the Indian player seamless betting experiences, a huge bonus for newcomers, favourable odds, multiple methods of depositing and withdrawing payment, and a mobile app alongside the website. INR works well on Betway transactions.

What are odds in cricket betting?

When betting you will either lose or win. The probability to either lose or win some amount of money based on the outcome you are predicting are the odds. For instance, the odds of a match between players A and B could be 60 – 70 on a betting site. If you place a bet of 120 on A and they win, you get 60+120, a total of 180 or lose your 120, if A loses.

When you pick an international or local cricket match to bet on a betting site, you will see the odds presented in ratios or decimals, which you can convert into percentages. These numbers present the likelihood a team will win or lose over the opposing team. What you win back on your bet is the amount you placed multiplied by the odds. For example, if the chances of team A winning was 1.50 and they won, this number is multiplied by your bet of say 11 pounds and the result is 16.5. If you subtract this from your initial 11 pounds you will see the profit earned is 5.5 pounds.

Always have a maximum amount you can bet on and be ready to manage the lose if the odds do not stack in your favour. Setting a maximum amount will assist you to have the much needed discipline throughout your betting experience. Bet only on outcomes you can afford and not every match.

What do you bet on in cricket matches?

It easy to bet on cricket matches with so many Indian betting sites available online, no matter if it’s a real or fantasy match. You can place a bet predicting that a team will win or lose. You can bet on how many runs a team is going to score within the duration a game lasts. You can bet on an ongoing match. This is called live betting.

International matches either last one day where each team has 50 overs, five days for test matches, or start and end in one evening or afternoon. The latter is the Twenty20 cricket tournament where each team has 20 overs. Test matches are your opportunity to create a betting plan. Bet on any of these matches as per the provision of the betting site you have logged on to.

Betting on cricket can be fun and versatile. Seeing that there are thousands of Indians actively betting on cricket, we have provided this list of the best betting sites. They are all accessible in India and provide a stellar customer service and betting experience.

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