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Worst World Cup "on paper"


Eyes not spreadsheets
Plus set up a succession of relatively dull and predictable games.

Even if 1 of the 2 had made it through it would have been less tedious.


Eyes not spreadsheets
It depends - the actual upset isn't boring, but the result of the upset can be (as shown by the super 8s last time)


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Blame the teams that didn't show up.. not the ones who beat them, and hence fully deserved their places in the Super 8. Besides, Bangladesh did beat SA in the Super 8's as well, so their place was no less justified than England or W. Indies, who did very little of note.

Once I got over the disappointment, I found it quite refreshing TBH.


I hardly think its cooking the books here. The '99 format would have done just as well to avoid an early exit if that was the aim of the organisers. The quarterfinals exist because the BCCI loves knockout games, thats all.

I reckon there's a lot of people reading into the format what they needn't.
Nah, disagree. In 99 only 6 teams made it through, meaning some of the proper test nations had to go home early reagrdless. In fact, as yer Zimbas qualified too, 3/8 took an early bath, but that's beside the point.

This time, with 8 teams advancing and each team playing 6 games the chances of upsets are reduced considerably.


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It makes no sense to me that it takes 42 matches to determine who the best 8 teams are when everyone knows who those teams are, and a further 7 to decide who the best out of those 8 is when that spot is still totally up for grabs.

But on the other hand, I'm liking all the cricket Ireland get to play.


Norwood's on Fire
It'll be funny seeing you actually support someone for more than just a couple of games for a change.


International Captain
I forgot there was a World Cup going on once India got knocked out.
Sri Lanka, on the other hand, went on the finals and I was drunk for that whole weekend. We lost spectacularly to a squash ball and I ended up with a splitting headache bailing my friend out of jail for drunk driving. What a party..


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It'll be funny seeing you actually support someone for more than just a couple of games for a change.
Yeah, but we suck hard in typical subcontinental conditions so it'll probably result in ongoing mockery or, if people really want to annoy me, patronising comments about how hard we were trying while losing by 370 runs.

Looking forward to it soo much regardless... so this is what it was like to be an England fan in the build up to every Ashes between '89 and '05.


Evil Scotsman
The main reason the Super 8s were so boring was because India and Pakistan had exited though.
Nah, the reason the Super 8s were so boring was because of a complete lack of close, exciting games.

The only game that was really close and exciting was West Indies v England, and that came after both sides have been eliminated. Even Bangladesh v South Africa wasn't particularly close, Bangladesh were well on top from about the 30th over of their innings.