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Welcome to Cricket Web - Cricket Chat


Hall of Fame Member

My name is Craig, but pretty much everybody calls me Craigos, and I'm 24. Yeah I'm the bloke responsible for introducing Richard to Cricketweb and several other posters. Like many on this site, I suck at cricket. My best achievement is bowling Neil Pickup in the nets at Exeter CC. My worst when he kept belting me back over my head.

And FYI, despite giving my greeting in Italian (it means 'good evening'), I don't speak Italian. Except to say hello and to tell somebody to GAGF.


International Vice-Captain
Hi CW members,

I am Raghav Suryadevara from Hyderabad in India. I am 25 yrs of age; work for a software firm in Hyderabad, India - a die hard fan of Black Caps Cricket. Love the place & atmosphere at CW. I joined CW in 2006.

Started playing cricket when I was 10 yrs old, still play cricket during weekends. Supported Indian cricket team till 2000 (until the match fixing scandal broke out). Since 2000, it was great fun supporting Black Caps cricket & Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL...I am big fan of Dan Vettori, Cairns, Fleming, Dravid & Kumble. Check my signature for more

Had been running a blackcaps fan blog for a while out of passion towards NZ cricket - it is blackcapsfan.blogspot.com . You can also follow me on twitter - twitter.com/BlackcapsFan
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Cricketer Of The Year
My name is Tom. I live in London but am pining for the fjords - well, Hove actually. I have been a cricket fan my whole life (36 and accelerating), supporting Sussex and England.

As a kid I bowled fast in my mind (ie loopy slow medium in reality). Aged 14 I switched to legspin. My trademark on the field is being irritating and over-aggressive, and have always taken particular pleasure in dismissing batsmen through putting them off and/or making them angry. My batting is based on firm foundations of agricultural swishing and cowardice. I have no talent. However I did once score 49, 78 and 33 in successive games and mentally relive those innings every day of my life.

I spend far too much of my time on CW. It's high time I got a life, or at least got out more. But as Burgey has said the international perspective here is terrific. Lots of extraordinarily knowledgeable people here too.
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Cricket, Lovely Cricket

I am Pratyush, 27, from Kolkata, India. I absolutely love cricket. I watched my first match at the Eden Gardens in 1991. I have photographs holding a cricket bat from much earlier. Ever since I have been aware, I have known about cricket. Used to play loads and now I am playing again with my eight year old cousin.

I love test cricket and first class cricket and am a huge supporter of cricket. Doesn't matter which team is playing. As long as there is cricket going on, whether T20 cricket, ODI Cricket, Gully Cricket, I'll watch it.

This is a great forum with loads of excellent members. Newbies, feel your way in, feel comfortable and I am sure you will have a wonderful time. A big welcome to the newer guys like VCS and Spark.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Well, I suppose it's worth adding my life story to the mix.

The name is obvious, I'm 24 (which no one ever believes) and I will have been here for eight years when next Thursday rolls around, which is either a depressing indictment of my lack of social life, or a tribute to the quality of the forum and my addiction to this wonderful/stupid game.

In those eight years I have (I think) progressed from a naive, idealistic socialist teenager into an sarcastic and cynical prep school teacher. Red flags are for matadors and that's that. I wasted my childhood and have very little to show for the years before 1999 beyond the ability to touchtype and a knowledge of more stats than is healthy (plus a memory of Gooch's 333 at Lord's) . As a result, I have been playing catch-up to real life since I averaged 0.80 with the bat in that summer of Sixpence None The Richer.

I am now an occasionally serviceable batsman, capable of either looking solid and scoring no runs for extended periods of time, or looking horrific and fluking runs all around the ground except for the area I wanted to hit the ball in. I'm also keeping wicket having pretty much given away leg spin completely, and am similarly capable of moments of brilliance mixed with abject crap. I'm presently clubless as playing has taken rather a back seat in the last few years to coaching, where I'm now working with County squads in Oxfordshire.


Whatever it takes!!!
Hi all, I am Bharani from Chennai, India.. Work for a software firm here. Am hoping to be at Columbus, Indiana, US by the end of this month.. :)

I love cricket. The tied test in Chennai was the first one I watched and coming from a cricket crazy family, it was obviously the only sport I ever played with any degree of seriousness.. Been following cricket since that time when I was 5 or 6.. I am 26 now and I love CW.. Bar the occassional stupid comments, it is easily the best place to talk cricket on the internet for me... Really been a great time here and getting to know blokes like SJS, Jack, Pratyush, Sanz, Richard, Ikki and so many others (even if only through internet) was awesome... And I am sure any new guys here will enjoy the experience...


State Vice-Captain
My Name is Gaz and I'm from Lancashire. I am 28 years young and started watching cricket around 92, however I do remember one or two cricket events before then as well.

I play a bit of local and work league cricket, in which my prefered opponent is a 20 stone pensioner with failing eyesight and arthritis in both arms.

I signed last month but first read the forum after a Botham v Imran Khan debate with a co-worker a year ago. I googled it and a very interesting thread from this site was the first hit.

My wife and I plan to move to Australia in the next 2 years.


U19 Cricketer
Hi I've been a member of for 2 or 3 years. I've been 29 for a while now.

Fave team are the Aussies but also follow the Blackcaps.

My fave players are Ricky Ponting, Ben Hilfenhaus and Daniel Vettori.

Watch more cricket than I should, Don't play it, but always have an opinion. My kids think I haven't ever grown up. OK, so I'm just a big kid who loves cricket. It could be worse :laugh:

My motto in life is 'just give me one more cricket season'.

King Pietersen

International Captain
Not properly introduced myself on here. I'm Dan, 20 years old and have been a cricket fan since that magical Ashes series in 2005. I didn't really start watching the game seriously until 2006 though, with my love for the sport really kicking off after joining a local club in 2007.

I was introduced to the forum by WTF_Ben123 having posted on another popular cricket forum with him for a fair while, but was never really a regular poster on the forum until fairly recently. The dearth in actual cricket discussion on the other forum I go on led me to become a far more regular poster on here, and I have to say, although slightly intimidating at first (not entirely sure why) I've grown to enjoy posting on here.

My favourite players include Kevin Pietersen (obviously), Ravi Bopara, Dennis Lillee, Dale Steyn and Graeme Swann. I'm a budding fast bowler myself, and although I've only been playing 3 years, I'd say I've developed quite quickly, and have put in some handy performances for my side, even playing a couple of 1st XI club games, as well as becoming the B Team's leading wicket-taker last season.


State Vice-Captain
I'll swap with him. Time for a northern hemisphere sojourn, one feels.
Give me 12 months to do your version of our Legal Practice Course and I will be up for it.

I visited Sydney last year. Stayed at the Travellodge on Wentworth Avenue (the glamour). Great city. How many bats in your gardens? :-O