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Welcome to Cricket Web - Cricket Chat


Global Moderator
Hi newcomers to the site, and welcome to the best forum for the discussion of cricket on the web.

We hope you have a look around and find that you enjoy the forum here as much as we all do. James has a 'read me first' on the main index page that is well worth a quick look.

Beyond that, please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself. One of the great things about CC is meeting cricket die-hards and/or people who have just discovered this great game. Who do you support? Do/where do you play yourself? How did you get into the sport and do you have particular heroes?

Look forward to chatting with you!


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I've never introduced myself to CW so I may as well kick this thing off.

My name's Will, I'm 20, I'm from Ireland and live in Manchester. I don't support any particular test team other than whichever side I have money on, or failing that, whichever side has the bowlers I most enjoy watching. I have an irrational love of leg-spin and statistics, but not when people rape them or act like they tell us more than they really do. My own cricketing skills are startlingly bad, but sometimes I play anyway, much to the disappointment of anyone who has ever had the misfortune to be stuck on my team.

Now let that be the last time anyone mistakes me for an England fan.


International Coach
PEWS's tribute to you past its expiry date, imo, Uppercut. Now noobs will just think you burst onto the scene and got found out as a run of the mill poster doling out lollies.


Global Moderator
Yo, I'm Spark, I support Australia. I'm in the seemingly rare category who likes both Clarke and Hauritz, but I'm a rank amateur when it comes to historical analysis of the game. Sorry about that :P


State 12th Man
Not really knew but have never introduced my self so here we go...

My actual name is Greg, I'm 17, I'm a Windies fan but a fan of England none the less, like Spark not the best when it comes to the history of the game but watch a hell of a lot of cricket these days... Suffered the dissapointment of reaching the last stages of Essex trials on three seperate occasions and not getting in... Big fan of Bravo, Sarwan and Rashid...


Hall of Fame Member
I've never introduced myself to CW so I may as well kick this thing off.
I don't support any particular test team other than whichever side I have money on,

So why don't you use your real name, Mr. Salim Malik ?


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Hmm, unfortunately that wouldn't fit with the whole being terrible at cricket thing.


International Coach
Hi, I am G.I.Joe. I'm a real hero, and I love nothing more than thwarting yet another evil Cobra scheme. When everybody else fails, I don't.


Cricket Web Staff Member
May as well join the spirit... I'm Rich, I signed-up for CW in 2003 aged just about 18, when I still used my full name, which I now don't really like at all as it sounds hopelessly over-formal; as of this post I'm (sadly) 24.

I've been playing with cricket-bats (of increasing size) and balls (initially tennis-balls, then orange KwikCricket windballs, then hardballs) since I could stand, have never been all that good but am able to hold my own in a serious game of organised eleven-a-side cricket, for which I'm grateful. My Dad's a huge fan of the game as well, and was always a better player than me - in fact was right up to the 2009 season after which he's finally retired at the age of 56. My first memories are of watching the 1991/92 World Cup with him, as England were beaten in the final by Pakistan, and I watched on and off, more and more, until 1998 when England played South Africa and I was completely captivated, and also came to love those two teams. I've followed both of them avidly since then, and since 2000 I've also followed just about all Test teams to some degree, as well as domestic cricket in England and to some small degree Australia and South Africa.

CricketWeb forum is easily the best online cricket-discussing community around in my experience - well ahead of the pack.


Norwood's on Fire
I'm Martyn, but you can call me GIMH. I'm not as old as I look but older than I act. Hi.

Some things that will help you understand my posts - I am unashamedly biased to the England cricket team, Andrew Flintoff walks on water and I love world-class all-rounders hence the Broad/Swann love in my signature who are unmatched amongst their peers. Aside from cricket I enjoy football, you'll also catch me stalking the wrestling thread if you venture outside of CC.
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Cricketer Of The Year
I'm four_or_six, I've always been surrounded by cricket as long as I can remember, TV, radio, watching and playing club cricket. I used to play a bit but stopped when I was at uni, and I wasn't really that good. I just liked keeping wicket. So now I just watch and bore people to death waffling on about it.

And I'm a girl, but don't hold it against me. :)