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  • Now you can go sign that contract with the Stingrays

    Season 11 Contracts - Page 18 - CricSim

    The user Tartmaster is the guy who I talked with and he asked me to keep an eye for CWers. So feel free to message him to help you around the club
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. I guess the moderator put me in queue to post my first post
    Haha was wondering what was taking you so long.

    Anyway I've got you a confirmed spot with the Stingrays. So after you register go here
    Season 11 Contracts - Page 18 - CricSim

    And type your simming names in and then
    Once you're on there a team should give you a contract. We're currently in the offseason but season 11 will be starting within a month. The team I'm a recruiter for is currently full and Cribb has basically barred me from signing up anyone else. But if you sign up to the site a team will snap you up pretty fast.
    Hey mate you can register your player after you signup to the website here:

    Registrations - Page 5 - CricSim
    I told them to lay off of you, and they have. Rest assured, personal abuse from anyone towards anyone will be moderated.
    On blackcapshop.com it is $29 to ship to India by standard post

    For me to order it to my house will be $10 postage

    The postage to India is shown by this web site
    Sending Parcels Overseas | New Zealand Post

    I think that a shirt will weigh 0.25kgs (safe assumption could be less)
    Parcel dimentions perhaps 230mmX325mmX20mm
    This would equal = $12.

    Feel free to use the link to calculate the shipping rate yourself.

    Total shipping costs $10 + $12 = $22 vs cost from blackcaps web site $29.

    I personally think it might be easier to order from the blackcaps web site for the sake of $7 as you will have to send me a bank draft for the money which will probably have a $5 charge for you to pay to get it issued.

    Anyways let me know what your thoughts are...

    That is no problem. Do you want me to order it online at blackcapshop.com and then ship it out to you?
    Why don't you send me your mailing address to crossfirehurricane@windowslive.com
    Also send me a link to the exact shirt and size etc that you want.
    Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Sign ups for CW T20 Cup II open. Writing to ask if you can sign in for West Robham Rabid Wolves. We have Champions League coming up.
    Hey Raghav, hoping you were interested in coming back to play CW XI, the new season will be getting under way some time soon, so just sign in at the sign in thread. Cheers.

    The first ever CW Cricket Championship is underway, could you please post your email address in this thread to be challenged.
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