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  • Yeah it's bull****. Keep all your receipts and invoices. You should definitely be reimbursed for them.
    Even if you pay it they should reimburse you. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow for you if you like.
    On my phone mate so I don’t see messages until I get on a Pc sorry mate.

    that seems weird. Why did they say they won’t pay it? If she’s in the wrong they should pay it straight away.
    Have them complete an injury notification form medical certificate for you while you're there.
    Mate, rights aren't compromised at all. Go today. it's not uncommon for soft tissue injuries to feel worse a few days after the trauma. Get a medical certificate, and if the doctor recommends having any radiology done, make sure you do it.

    Go to the motor Accidents Authority website and you can download a claim form. They can also tell you who her CTP insurer is. Definitely complete the claim form asap. Even if it ends up that you only get your expenses back, you protect your position by lodging the form if you find out in six months time you have something more serious arising from the accident (massively unlikely but it costs nothing to submit the claim).

    I'm happy to give you some names of blokes to go and see - I'd do it my self, but I've been appointed to the Workers Comp bench now so I can't really get involved,.plus I'm also a Motor Accidents Claims Assessor as well. So there is some small chance that if it ever got hat far I'd have to work out what sort of damages you'd get.
    So please explain what it is you don't understand about what I have written...

    Just to make a point, was he that good? I mean the game has changed so much since with more games and don't forget they took weeks to travel everywhere by boat. I'm not suggesting anything but just throwing it out there... I personally feel he is a great player and would thrive in the modern game but I always like to talk about how certain players from one era would fair in another. Always hated comparing modern players as the new Don Bradman I feel players are unique.

    Don't go running into the playground and act like a child please discuss this with me here... I trust you can be a gentleman and discuss this... ?
    Its been raining and I don't want to risk the roads back to my place in northmead. Also, do you know how much it would cost to fix a flat tyre in a scooter?
    Need a place to park my scooter until it stops raining. A day or two. Maybe a week at most until I rent a paid parking spot in the city.
    Yeah mate, I would think so. I'd check out whether there are any markets/ pop ups planned around Balmoral as well. It's a ready-made market for your stuff.

    Probably around Palm Beach and Avalon as well.
    Sportsbet banned me entirely and bet365 stopped me from betting on NRL first tryscorers for a while (they lifted that ban eventually though).

    I've taken a ****load from betfair though and they haven't done anything about it at all -- probably because they're more of a proper market exchange. If I win on betfair, other betfair members lose rather than betfair itself losing (as much), so they don't mind.
    I shopped around a bit; eventually settled on betfair and bet365. They don't really do random exciting promotions, but they cover everything consistently and have more markets on each game than you could throw a stick at.
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