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Question on ban announcements


Eyes not spreadsheets
I thought that repeat offenders get increasing length bans as they get done time and time again.

Well that doesn't seem to always happen, why?


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Ignoring (and continuing to ignore) moderator instructions. Everyone was warned to cut out the silly insult-fest and he posted another insult. That post was deleted and he was given an infraction. He then decided to post the same thing again, and copped another infraction which led to his ban.
Needs rehabilitation rather than punishment imo - he's the Mohammad Amir in all this, Weldone the Mohammad Asif and Furball the Salman Butt - GIMH is the fake sheikh and overrated sanity, well he's ....................


Cricketer Of The Year
I thought it was odd the cricket threads were so quiet.. Now I see why. Its like a Royal Rumble match where one guy comes in and cleans the house and we are now waiting for the next entrant for the next minute and a half.
That's also because there's no international games going on right now. English and Aussie fans are waiting for the Ashes, while the rest of us are waiting for World T20 :ph34r:
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marc is too dry and boring to ever get infracted otherwise he would know

i guess we could make conventional wisdom and generic pro-english cricket bullishness infractable but then furball would be perma'd for the latter so...


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Not who I had in mind ...................
Haha. I remember how Sir Alex made a thread when I pointed out he was a multi pointing the same obscure regional cricket film he and Precambrian had liked. They both also liked a cricketer by the name of Abhiskek Nayyar. They have had 10-15 ids I guess. Richard had mentioned all which had been made up till that point once
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Cricketer Of The Year
Abhishek Nayyar. Hahahaha he is one of my highest run scorer for India in my International Cricket Captain 2015.