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Question on ban announcements


likes this
Man TJB, Jord, Weldone, Furball, Shri and now OS all banned in the last week. What a bloodbath. Is this an all-time record or smth?


Global Moderator
Ignoring (and continuing to ignore) moderator instructions. Everyone was warned to cut out the silly insult-fest and he posted another insult. That post was deleted and he was given an infraction. He then decided to post the same thing again, and copped another infraction which led to his ban.


International Captain
I was hoping to find the thread where it went down tbh. No issues if the moderators don't want to share that though.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I'm not posting much in the hope I become the only member, apart from the mods, not banned.

I will then finally have my deserved omnipotence.


Whatever it takes!!!
I thought it was odd the cricket threads were so quiet.. Now I see why. Its like a Royal Rumble match where one guy comes in and cleans the house and we are now waiting for the next entrant for the next minute and a half.