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*Official* Round of 16 thread


Evil Scotsman
England genuinely looked surprised every time an Iceland player passed the ball. The "underestimated them" stuff is a cliché but that's really what happened, they defended the whole game as if Iceland were a team of blockheads that looks long every time when they actually use the ball reasonably well.
The commentators were just as surprised, there was a moment in the second half where Iceland had the ball in the left back/left centre half zone about 40 yards from their goal and Tyldsley goes 'Iceland just can't get out at the moment', they knock 4 or 5 passes together comfortably then move the ball to the right back who's in yards of space to launch an attack at England's left flank. It was as if Tyldsley just expected them to boot the ba whatever way they were facing.


Global Moderator
The pundit team on beIN Sports over here last night so arrogantly dismissed the Iceland team that this is so hilariously satisfying. Wish I hadn't fallen asleep so I could see the reactions of Gray, MacAteer and especially Souness after the way they "previewed" this one.
It was half an hour of calling them afraid, and talking about why Souness wouldn't have let that happen if he was playing.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Thank you Iceland for saving everyone from rubbish England matches previews and watching Vardy on the bench again.


Not a lot to say that hasn't been said already really. England had the best part of an entire game to turn things around, but seemed to be bereft of any real ideas and just spent the whole time passing the ball sideways. Not only a crap performance but a crap spectacle. Well done Iceland, fully deserved it.


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The English press have fairly woken up to Hodgson this morning. Real 'emperor has no clothes' moment. Irish press have been sticking the boot in for years.


Probably was given leeway because of his nationality. The tide started to turn on Sven as soon as things began to go slightly awry. What England wouldn't give now for a manager of 2001 Sven's calibre/reputation.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
I didn't see the build up before the England game. I read on another forum that Glenn Hoddle said that England could do worse than aim for penalties as they'd be likely to win the shoot out which would boost their confidence if another shoot out came later on in the tournament. Did anyone hear him say this?