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*Official* Round of 16 thread


Evil Scotsman
Given he has to deal with the worst media in the world in one of (if not the?) most football rich nations, it's probably fair enough
lol the British sports media is tame compare to their Spanish and Italian colleagues.


Hall of Fame Member
Mark Warburton would actually be good, and Furball would hate it. Yeah I know it would never happen.


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Should just poach Iceland's coaching team. Probably the most tactically perfect performance I've seen in an international.


Norwood's on Fire
I'd actually be okay with international football mandating that the manager had to qualify in the same way as the players.

But it doesn't so let's get the best available manager


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lol. Did your hear Ian Wright saying he'd rather Southgate than Wenger? Need to stay English m8

Rodgers isn't English anyway.
Yeah I did, was so funny. Pundits who have such bad opinions should be made to ring the parents of players that have been relegated under Southgate and explain their reasoning.


Hall of Fame Member
I only watched the second half but gawd that was awful. It looked way more likely to end 3-1 than 2-2. Should England even be selecting Rooney at this point? I can't remember him having a positive influence on any FIFA tournament match since Euro 2004.

Well done Iceland, but I hope they don't overstay their welcome by beating France. It's a feel good story seeing the underdogs do well but they're not an entertaining side to watch.


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State of Cahill's defending for the 2nd goal. Spud.
England genuinely looked surprised every time an Iceland player passed the ball. The "underestimated them" stuff is a cliché but that's really what happened, they defended the whole game as if Iceland were a team of blockheads that looks long every time when they actually use the ball reasonably well.