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Son Of Coco
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  • No worries mate... I only check my personal email in weekends, I did glance through it when it notified me on the phone. Will respond over the weekend. :) Stay safe and take care.
    Hey SoC, if you have gmail hit me on the same name as my sn here... its my sn at g mail dot co m. I found a few and you can try some in this link - not sure how restricted they are to Indians etc. But you give it a go if there is no bar. I will try to find more in the coming days. Might be better for us to take the convo to gmail or something though.
    Hey mate, really sorry but the virus situation has had us working around a lot. Hopefully once I start wfh, I will have more time to check stuff out. Really sorry.
    Hey SoC, sorry.. been busy during the week with work stuff. Will surely check out a couple of sites and let you know. But if you usually google content writing jobs and cricket, that would be a good head start. I will get back to u in my night today, as I am out for whole day.
    Hey, this is going to sound totally random, but I was reading some old threads and saw a post of yours about various grounds around Exeter you played at (did you live in England for a while?) - your mentioning Shobrooke caught my eye as the ground is about 20 minutes walk from where I live. Just wondering if you can remember some of the other places you played at? None of my business, I know, just curious haha
    How’s photography going? Let’s exchange notes some day ��
    Aha. ������

    So there you my friend. Yesterfay I was going through Hear, hear hear. Lend me your hear. And I just couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear or ar least sporting a ‘beatific” smile right through. My old cook came in to pick up the tea cup and found I hadn’t touched it. He told my wife and she told him something like , “You must have put too much sugar in it.”

    He I believe told her “no. I was just sitting with the laptop for almost an hour and keeping on smiling to myself” ��

    I had completely forgotten how much fun we had with you taking up the “assistant writer” position on that enterprise. I haven’t enjoyed myself as much as I did going through it.

    So I started looking for you.

    And here you are. Stay in touch my friend.


    PS. Posted this on a CW site where you last posted a post on cricket. Then realised you may never go back there. Then I realised there is a place to leave messages on CW. So here it is again :)
    Nice one mate. Was just a random thought I had and I saw you posting in the camera thread.
    yeah dunno didnt get the names. there was this ****, that ****, some other ****. nah we went alright for a bunch of old fat lower grade ****s. lost twice and im ****ed now
    There'll be 4 or 5 Wilsons in the team. It's my last name too. I think there were 6 of us when I was playing with them. If I think of any good sledging material I'll let you know.
    nah ****, it's a t20 tourney. should be exciting. would rope in ****s from cw if they were any good.
    Thanks. Any information would be great. It's quite confusing when trying to decipher all the different discussions and advice on the internet. Don't think there are many other jobs available for English speakers in Spain unfortunately

    The photography is fairly non-existant at the moment. I bought gopro, however, so I've been playing around with that a lot.
    Hey SoCo. How's the photography going?

    From memory you mentioned that you previously taught English as a foreign language in Asia (Korea?)

    I was thinking of doing similar, albeit in Spain, for a year under a student visa while studying Spanish.

    There seems to be a lot of confusing information on the internet regarding English teaching qualifications and I was wondering if you would be able to point me in the right direction.

    If its easier please email me at rhin7769atuni.sydney.edu.au

    Thanks for any help

    Thanks mate, really appreciate the offer - I'm moving down to Sydney this weekend so wouldn't be able to see him face to face or anything, but if he has any leads at all in Sydney i could sure use one!
    if sorry if i offended u about my post i just need proper answers becasue im using this information for a reserach project
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