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*Official* Netherlands vs Spain (World Cup Final)


Not Terrible
SS got the finalists wrong proving he doesn't actually watch the world cup.
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International Coach
India vs Pakistan, going by BoyBrumby's post re: cricketing equivalents for the footballing nations.


Norwood's on Fire
Can an actual proper mod change 'Finals' to 'Final', every game in this tournament has been in the finals you tit SS

Agree with DingDong anyway

Scaly piscine

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Don't forget the most important bit about the final. The referees. All English. We officially rule at football.


International Vice-Captain
Spain it is ladies......Dutch defense doesn't stand a chance against Spanish offense.

Unless some terrible referee decisions...


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Yay for my old school chum, Mike:cool:

An Exeter presence in the World Cup final, about time too:)

Doesn't support City though, but he'll be okay, one of his players will be playing for each side, even if one has to come off the bench.....