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Scaly piscine

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  • Hey there I've seen that you're a Durham fan. If you want a good forum for Durham fans, head over to. RTG Sunderland Message Board on the cricket forum.

    You may not support Sunderland but we have plenty of non supporting Sunderland fans on there, cricket forums completely separate anyway.
    Sighseeing or beer-related places? You can find some pretzels here Im sure though its not a traditional thing.
    You are an organizer? A retired scrabble superstar? :)
    Hi SP,
    noticed in your forum signature there is going to be a mindsports festival here in Prague. Thanks for the info :)
    Hi, what is your avatar? I have seen it before but for the life of me I cant remember where it is from.
    Hey scaly your post in the Noor Ali thread turned form mis-hits into mis****s due to the filter.
    Nope first I've heard of it. Will probably get a few mentions here and there in the build up to the World Championships - it isn't something I keep track of.
    I assume you are aware that you were mentioned in Fighting Talk, last Saturday, the 18th most listened to (used to be 1st) Podcast on iTunes....
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