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*Official* Netherlands vs Spain (World Cup Final)

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
a red card offense should always been blown the whitsle for, that's in the rules, there is no such thing as ''advantage'' when such a foul is commited.
Not true. The rules states:
if the infringement warrants an expulsion, the
referee must stop play and send off the player unless there is a subsequent
opportunity to score a goal

In this case I don't think Webb thought a foul had been committed anyway.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
a red card offense should always been blown the whitsle for, that's in the rules, there is no such thing as ''advantage'' when such a foul is commited.
On the subject of rules, I think I might be a bit out of date, because I can't find "blowing on Arjen Robben's shoulder" under the list of sending off offences...

Anyway, this is my last word on the matter. It was a dreadful game of football with less entertainment value than the game where you hold a chocolate bar fractionally within the each of a small child, make them jump for it, and then move the bar. There were fewer moves of footballing quality than your average desert tribesman has toes, following a double limb amputation. Neither team appeared particularly keen on playing football: the Dutch were completely blatant about it, however Busquets' role in the Spanish side is just van Bommel light, and it is telling that they haven't been digging the boot in off the field as well.

Whining about refereeing decisions is an irrelevance: on balance neither side benefited - there are days when Holland could have been down to nine at half time, and days when they could have had to abandon the game, Colin style. Yes, Elia could have have a freekick, but he's also the Dutch version of Shaun Wright-Phillips and had already lost the ball. Yes, there are other decisions that could have gone other ways, but there is no way it can be argued with a straight face that the failure to show sufficient cards cost the Dutch. That goes right in the same box as those blaming England's exit on the linesman - no, we lost because our defence may have been the worst in the tournament outside Kim Jong Il United's, and you lost because Robben blew a one-on-one.

Now get over it.
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