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  • I want to tell you about a game i play called E-Sim. It's a free to play browser based strategy game. It is web text based game that can be played on, every pc, smartphone etc.
    Be a bussinessman, become Party Leader, Congressman, President or Militia Leader, be Journalist, be a rebel

    India is occupied by Iran and we need new players to help fight off the invaders and defend our home land. Together we can hold of the Iran waves of assault. Iran has insulted our

    traditions.Time to demand them to pay back their faults

    Newbies Guide: Tutorial for new players

    our channel: - If you need help, join to US chat channel.
    India channel
    add the nick you want and click "go"

    contact us

    vivek, soumo1989, Kate2,siddesh,

    Join this game :

    Help India! Jay Hind! xx
    Delete the below VM and this one also, nah. ;)

    Nothing happened.

    I'm a fanboi. FML.
    Gotta watch the language buddy. Both the pictures had the f word in it. And since its obviously tough to edit out a picture for me, I deleted it.
    really appreciate your kind words buddy. Its all good...i know i came out nasty as well..emotions just got a bit over the top during this series...but now that it is over...i think its time PCB and that moron Butt gets kicked out.....lol....by the way ...i am still supporting England for the Ashes... :)
    I apologise for all that nastiness. Never meant for that to happen. Hope we're good, now, mate? I do genuinely feel sorry for you and your team, even if i do talk trash sometimes. x
    Faisal, you may not have seen my VM below. However, I've edited your most recent post in the match-fixing thread because it goes directly against what I've asked you to do.
    Faisal, I appreciate things are really difficult at the moment. However, could I remind you to please report posts you're unhappy with rather than replying to them aggressively within the thread. I really would like to be able to keep the tour thread on track rather than dissolving into arguments.
    Hope things pick up for you mate. Don't lose your head, you are a good poster and nobody is enjoying this.
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