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Is Dhoni greatest OdI cricketer off all-time


International Coach
Cricinfo - Players and Officials - MS Dhoni

His Batting stats alone make him almost a lock for an all time odi team and then you add his solid to good keeping and fantastic captaincy and too my mind you get the most complete odi player.

Sachin & Wasim would be close cases but Dhoni covers all bases more efficiently
Way to go...he is not even the best wicketkeeper of current time, leave alone the best ODI cricketer status!


Global Moderator
Let him finish his career and we’ll see where he ends up. Right now, a very definitive no IMO.


International Coach
I dont think so...:huh:

Stats wise Dhoni owns Gilly in odi's though in tests Gilly is unreachable.
Different eras n all and then their is a stigma at Kallis that he is no match winner on the other hand Dhoni is quite good in this regard.


U19 12th Man
An average of 49 is certianly impressive

But he's been not out in 26% of the innings he's played.

I'm with sammy2 --> only 4 centuries?

Gilchrist had 16 centuries (that's 4 times as many in only twice as many games) and has twice as many fifties (which is on par since he's played twice as many games). Gilly just didn't get as many "not outs" as he was almost always opening. And yet his SR is still better than Dhoni.

One might say 'but Dhoni doesn't get the chance to get hundreds since he's down the order' - well, sure - but if you look at his FC or test record, then you'd note that he's not a century maker in the same vein as other 'proper batsmen' around the world.

I'm not arguing for Gilchrist as the best over ODI player - but he's close than Dhoni, who isn't anywhere near it I'm afraid....


International Coach
Different eras n all and then their is a stigma at Kallis that he is no match winner on the other hand Dhoni is quite good in this regard.
If Dhoni can be seen statswise then why not Kallis? Kallis has won the most MOM awards @ test level...go figure!

In short Dhoni is not the No.1 ODI Cricketer yet....


Hall of Fame Member
His case would be stengthened by having an innings like this on his resume.

Currently his runs per game is a shade less than Gilchrist but in the same area. Overall I think you can say they impacted the games they played in a similar amount.


State Captain
If his stats don't end up incredibly poorer than they stand atm, i will be extremely surprised.

Anyone who answers yes to this question is living in a sort of alternate reality. Yes he has been great thus far, but his career should not be even half over and there have been some absolute champions since ODIs were introduced.