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  • I'm not a mod mate, so I'm not lecturing you but why do you have Afghanistan as your location? I hope that's not a cruel joke.
    The two potentially serious ones were in the 'So Your Going to Die' thread where you said you'd say a lot of racist things, and then in the Made/Ruined Your Day thread where you said racism was funny. The third one, which we agreed was much less serious, was the torrent download one.

    We acknowledge that you didn't actually make any specific racist comments - if you had, you'd be banned at the moment. But comments like that are still inappropriate, hence the warning.
    Jake - you've had three blues tonight in terms of posts that aren't appropriate. The mod team will have a think about those but a couple of points 1) maybe give it a rest for tonight. 2) be conscious that any posts that - perhaps even jokingly - condone or support racism are going to be looked at very harshly and offer a short cut to a ban.
    Haha, I won't lie - I've been monitoring your posts here a bit since you got unbanned from here. If you keep posting well I'll talk to the other admins about it, but no promises. The thing about CricSim is that it's massively grudge-laden... it would take ages of you posting decently there for people to stop constantly giving you ****, and you're not the sort of person who will just ignore it for the most part and move on so it'd probably turn into a ****-fight. But, we'll see.
    I sincerely wish you and your family a happy and safe King Pietersen Appreciation Day,

    (had to spread it accross two posts, word limit!)

    Thats just the main body, obv you need date, header, name etc, needed to trim them to hit the word count!

    Feel you were going a bit too formal and strong worded. At the end of the day, you have little to no experience, therefore really you need to be asking as nicely and meekly as possible, make it sound like it'd be an absolute honour to even be considered... Though toning the wording down helps, as going too far makes it sound like its been cut and pasted from more expansive CVs
    Looking pretty good there. One or two things I'd switch about a bit

    I'd go along these lines

    I am a 14 year old boy with a strong desire to work part time. I am writing to ask if you are currently recruiting for any part time positions. I am currently studying for (enter whatever qualifcations your doing) at (school), with a strong interest in (best subject)

    Outside of schooling my interests include:
    • Keen interest in sports, mainly cricket, often representing and captaining my local team/school
    • Enjoy writing, particularly in regards to (subject), I have written small articles for various websites, inc (example)
    • Working with various computer software programs

    I feel I would be suitable for a position working with (name drop the company you've applied for), as I am a strong team worker who enjoys the challenge of learning new skills.

    I would be delighted to hear about any possible positions within (again, name company).

    Yours sincerely

    Hey mate. Cricketweb XI is backup and running and Colts would like to have you back if you are still keen. Go here to sign in if you are. Cheers Si.
    Yeah. CW looks more organised. Sigh,I've had this account since March and never made a post :)

    You're about to hit 3000 :o
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