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Group D - France, Denmark, Tunisia, Australia

Who will qualify from the group?

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I don’t live the eastern suburbs, Fmd what an insult.

Decent enough start but would like to see some actual shots on goal ffs


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Jeez that’s a cracking header by Mitch Duke. Really good value for that lead so far

ashley bach

International Captain
Geez the weight of support in favour of Tunisia is overwhelming for the Socceroos. With any luck a second goal should quieten them dowm,
followed by a third to put them to sleep.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Tunisia can't handle the press. Just a matter of how early we gas out in the second half


Evil Scotsman
The A-League improving might be bad for the national team if prospects don’t go to Europe as early or as often.
The standard can't be that high if they've taken Cummings, a player who isn't even Scottish Premiership standard, to the World Cup.


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Fmd nearly an equaliser. Be peak Aus to concede one after dominating so much of the half


International Coach
Tunisia look pretty unworried by the balls into the box from us tbh, great header from Duke, and need a little luck sometimes. Tunisia look a bit more dangerous for mine though, and our defence seems much less organised and comfortable when Tunisia do attack. Think we need a 2nd goal, as dont think we'll keep a clean sheet


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That’s a gorgeous header. Australia are in business, if they win this one a draw with Denmark would probably be enough.