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Group D - France, Denmark, Tunisia, Australia

Who will qualify from the group?

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It's the biggest sporting event there is and to be a big part of it is about as good as it gets. Literally the sport played everywhere.

Son Of Coco

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Denmark needs to be hammered in the media man , can't always be countries like England and Belgium getting flak when things go pear shaped ...

So many people had Denmark even topping this group ..They have flopped badly in this tournament . Congratulations to Australia btw !
Beautiful people tend to live fairytale lives where even their **** ups don't get criticised.

Having said that, I love the Danes (and Swedes, Icelanders, Finns, Norwegians). They deserve a free pass from criticism due to all they add to the planet just by being here.
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Mrs Burgey has her fortnightly global leadership call with the Eurotrash this evening, including some Scandinavian colleagues. She’s added this to the deck of regional news:


Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
France have allegedly petitioned FIFA to have their disallowed goal against Tunisia retrospectively reinstated. Very odd bunch.