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Group B Discussion - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal


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Must admit I've not understood Germany's love with Muller. Is athletic no doubt, but would have thought they'd benefit from maybe having a more technically gifted player starting in his position.


That'll do it, then. Touch of class there.

It'll be a mercy flush for Holland, this. Been more or less completely abject.


Hall of Fame Member
Loving this commentary.

"The dutch just have too many really skillful players out there."

Yeah, that's definitely the main issue.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Damn I was getting ready to write off the Germans, despite being warned repeatedly not to do it:(


Wasn't particularly sold on the Dutch before this tournament, but didn't think they'd be anywhere near as poor as they've been.

Even if their forwards had got it together I don't think they would have got much further, their defence is absolutely terrible.


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They were just as bad going forward, which is less excusable because they actually have the players at that end. I've never seen so many quality players link together so poorly- have to blame the manager, really. Maybe he should have just bitten the bullet and left out one or two of their superstars for the sake of the team.


Eyes not spreadsheets
UEFA fines: £45,000 Spain 2004 (racism); £16,500 Serbia 2007 (racism); £10,000 Croatia 2008 (racism). €100,000 Bendtner (exposing pants)

What a ****ing joke.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
UEFA fines: £45,000 Spain 2004 (racism); £16,500 Serbia 2007 (racism); £10,000 Croatia 2008 (racism). €100,000 Bendtner (exposing pants)

What a ****ing joke.
I've been trying to get myself outraged about this, but can't be bothered. Uefa's fines on racism are always outrageous, so much so that I'm kinda inured to them, and Bendtner must be a multi-millionaire for being average by now, why the **** did he get involved in this pathetic thing.

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yea it's the racism fines that are outrageous.

Bendtner's fine could quite easily be wiped out by money from the company he was plugging. Obviously being a footballer he's pleaded the very plausible excuse of being ignorant of the rules. Hope they give him a bigger ban and suspension.