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  • God it's the pits

    But we could be in the same league as AFC FLYDE or whatever they're called. Jesus. We'd actually be a legit big club in that division. I've no time for that, we'd be too much of a scalp

    The derbies with Chester and Wrexham would ease the pain admittedly. Southport, Macclesfield and Altrincham too.
    As stupid as it sounds, I'm confident of a good a season next year regardless of division, now that Palios has got the off the field stuff ticking along nicely. So if we go down I see it as a huge setback rather than a death sentence. But have you seen the teams down there? Jesus
    How many teams can you think of that have gone straight back up from it?
    Sorry, back home so only just got your text messages. Yes, BT Sport is just so dreadful. I think the commentary is worse than the punditry though, just...
    Haha, he really is. Dotun lad is increasingly annoying me though. When he is genuinely spontaneous he is really funny, but sometimes his obnoxiousness approaches Jeremy Clarkson levels. And he does that really annoying forced laugh, which is just terrible. Still wouldn't want the show hosted by anyone else though. Just wish Mark Gleeson was on more.
    Love how Tim started laughing on World Football Phone-In when they had that professor on who had introduced that course on the sociological impact of Cristiano Ronaldo lol, but then he went on to make some really interesting points about sociology in football - far more interesting than what the professor was saying.
    Crap, I am not sure I will be able to make it I'm afraid. For some reason I thought the game was in February. Can I let you know tomorrow? I am currently trying to slog a load of work and presentations (urgh) out of the way before the weekend.
    I think all of them had Wales v Scotland, but I can't remember which version of it we played that game the most on.

    Haha Vorlander and Slowbear also. Those truly were halcyon days.
    I seem to remember 3 was really good, but I think in terms of pure fun the first one is/was the best. We must have spent hours playing it, and that's before you take into account all the hours we spent playing Schmeichel.

    Haha, just remembered that player called "unregistered" as well.
    He wrote an autobiography in 1949 called "Express Deliveries" which is much better than the standard ghosted stuff of that era - its not rare so you should be able to pick up a copy for next to nothing, unless you're one of those like me who just has to have the dust jacket, but even then you should get change from a tenner
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