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  • Not that we're running out of reviews or anything, but just wondered if you were still planning to pen those reviews?
    remember that time we tried to get you to join cricsim and play rugby sim for us?

    i'm doing it again
    Billy, are you aware of any literature from your Msc days on the subject of why policy interventions can be justified by way of reference to the public interest? I'm basically trying to say "intervening to regulate something when doing so is in the public interest is good". It's a fairly obvious point, but am struggling to find actual sources to say why this is a good approach, haha.
    I tweeted Grecian, he just got fed up of the same old I think, he'll be back for the ashes I bet
    I was looking at some old posts and you mentioned it in a few. Would love to see it
    Long shot this but don't suppose you ever actually saved a copy of that UKIP 2010 manifesto?
    Always better to go into the play-offs the way you did. They'll be feeling down.
    Who've you got, Boro yeah? Reckon you can do them. All goes well and much like me you're free of the FLS for at least a year
    I'm talking nonsense. You didn't go up that season. ****s sake.

    Congrats. Hope you finish the job.
    Pleased for you lad. Just remember. The winners of our last ever match was us. Haha.
    God it's the pits

    But we could be in the same league as AFC FLYDE or whatever they're called. Jesus. We'd actually be a legit big club in that division. I've no time for that, we'd be too much of a scalp

    The derbies with Chester and Wrexham would ease the pain admittedly. Southport, Macclesfield and Altrincham too.
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