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  • Imagine if you'd said to me two years ago 'this time in two years we'll be 61 league places above you'
    Hey Pothas, I'm about to start a second draft - the same as this previous one except that everyone who was named in the first one are banned. Keen? let me know here or in the same thread.
    The Brentford game is being shown online so if you got a way of watching it you can. Seems generally available across the net.
    I must admit I don't really know what that is - a lot of the specialist dealers are also publishers - Im assuming Nielsen is not just everything with an ISBN number? If you look at those six monthly articles I do they usually end up covering everything that comes out, and I can let you have all the small publishers contact details if you like?
    .... and reviews would be great - I harbour the ambition one day to change them more often than weekly!
    Hi Pothas. Roy Fredicks is OK, but Archie Jackson has already been picked. Sorry., watson/Sheldon
    Well I think overall I see it the same as you. Just seeing things a little bleakly tonight and well the whole season really. I mean ultimately the Joe Thompson thing puts it all in perspective, but well you know
    I also wrote something about vauxhall going bust, well dropping out of conf north but well it's gone never mind I'm sure you'll get over it
    Dunno man, I'm usually an optimist but my club is rotten right now. Something needs to change. I sincerely mean it when I say it's good to see a club like you lot doing well (Tuesday aside obv) but I can only see you struggling if you do go up. That gulf people used to go on about between the Prem and the championship, I reckon it's not really there so much anymore. Most clubs in the championship have been in the prem and therefore have had the parachute payments etc, and as a result the gulf is championship to league one. I guess the contradiction is that Leeds, forest, Leicester, all took their time to get out of here but when a club in good shape but has had an on pitch disaster, like wolves, comes here, no reason they shouldn't walk it. Conversely, what's happening to Yeovil would have happened to us had we bit not bottled it last season yet in the 90s we finished 4th in our second season up there

    I usually hate cliches and all that but the AMF gang are on the money for me
    The thing is, I agree but at the same time the number of loans is kind of making our league akin to the Spanish third. There as you know you have Real and Barca B and whoever else's reserves. The only difference seems to be that those reserves are scattered across different teams. I don't mind the season long loans, no different to the general one year contract trend we have at this level but we move from month loan to month loan for some positions and by the time you've learned the guys name he's back in Everton or Liverpool's reserves.

    You're spot on though about the culture in this country. In one of those dismal AFL is the best because any team can win it and EPL sux debates one time on CW I remember it being a point that was hugely missed. Think I read once that only Serie A, the Prem, Bundesliga and La Liga get better crowds than the Championship

    Accidentally deleted a stack of text and dunno if cbf to rewrite it
    8000 is solid. We averaged that in the championship. Bizarrely went up to around 9000 our first season down here. I guess people thought they had a chance of watching a promotion that season. Ha. Then under Brian Little it was around 9000 again. Not Ronnie's fault that it went down after that, the decline started with the teams decline, they never gave Ronnie any budget and then after he finished 7th they ****ing sacked him and crowds have died on their arse ever since .

    His return brought a short term resurgence but the damage of the Barnes/Parry years is long term and as soon as our form dropped last season so did the Wirral's interest, council ended their sponsorship because so many wankers complained about their council taxes paying for 'that wretched club' that same wretched club who sends players to their kids' schools of course, **** them, tunnel rats

    Sorry for the rant, had a few beers and feeling a tad delicate about the situation
    Oh you're right mate. But the worst development in football of late are the new regulations around young talent. I'm not into scaremongering but we'd have gone to the ****ter long ago but for a robust youth system churning out Ryan Taylor, Jason Koumas, Ian Nolan, John McGreal, Dale Jennings just to think of a few players who have earned us a good wedge in fees. I don't profess to be an experts but basically prem clubs can just take players aged around 17 for **** all and it's completely ****ed and it will kill lower leagues

    Closed shop is coming one way or another. Maybe a two tier prem and no pyramid below it but in ten years it will all be unrecognisable
    I'm sure you can empathise with the Liverpool bit with chavs on your doorstep. It's always been that way, I mean really with the size of the Wirral we should actually be a big club, but the situation with us makes it a double whammy. No surprise that last time we nearly went to the wall they were dominating England and Europe (and Everton were winning titles back then too)
    I don't know mate. Wall of silence around the club. Still the same eleven Ronnie was picking, save it's a different loan winger. Thing is I didn't really want him to go - obviously depending on the accusations and their accuracy that could change - but this is like limbo at the minute. McMahon is a good youth coach, a good man to have at the club and a good man to see us safely into League 2.

    It's been 13 months of sheer hell. Last time we played at your place was the end of what seemed like a new beginning.

    To cap it all, the takeover has fallen through, Johnson wants out, the club is bleeding money, attendances are falling and if Liverpool win the league it might just be a nail in the coffin

    Like I harbour very little bitterness towards them but who is a Birkenhead lad aged 6 or 7 going to want to watch? Title challengers playing incredible attacking football or a side who stick the divisions top scorer on the wing?
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