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  • Hey mate just kindly telling you to go **** yourself ahead of Tuesday
    Yeah, shouldn't have thought that this result will send them into a massive tailspin, the international break will probably do them some good. Thought they looked a bit tired yesterday.
    Yes, was just more of the same really. Fixture just came at a bad time really, plenty to remain upbeat about.

    Haha, oh dear, another phone bites the dust. This one actually lasted quite a while though.
    The old "game of two halves" cliche rarely so apt - Brentford barely showed up in the first, completely dominated the second.

    I was hoping to become a semi-regular at Griffin Park this season but then I went and got the wife pregnant which reduced my availability. Keen to make up for it next season.
    Hi mate, are you going to Wembley today? There's a few of us from Chiswick going along to cheer on our local boys. :-)
    Yeah it's not like we were in a false position, we'd played everyone. Just a complete choke, hopefully we come back fighting next season.
    And as I said, if we hit about 7 past Bournemouth then the title is yours

    Given its been five and a half games since we scored I see no problem with this
    If you go on Friday give us a call and we can meet up for a beer. Planning to get there between 1130 and 12 myself. 07505 460885. David
    So looks like you guys have pretty much boxed off finishing above us...that being said I'd like to see you beat any of the money teams to auto promotion now, of the top 7 that's all of them aside from us & Yeovil so yeah...good luck
    Haha... We should have opened up a gap, drawing all these bloody games. Quite the run you guys have had. Be great if it stayed this way!!!
    If we had hung on for 30 seconds more it would have been amazing

    But if you'd offered me top at the start of December? Doubt I'd have grumbled.
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