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  • They also pick from the same name and the player after them goes from there. The catch-up is locked in but then doesn't have any other effect on the draft.
    As an outsider, I’d recommend a slight tweak to your rules on the word draft so that if someone skips they have to select from the letter they originally had. Might avoid somebody “accidentally” missing a pick on a letter they don’t like.
    I don't actually hate Australia or Australians lol. Just banter. I'll definitely be visiting at some point in my life to watch/play cricket
    Hi mate, your all rounder ranking idea is good but I don't think a straight 1-8 for batting and bowling works. Last time it was done it produced odd results because it doesn't really look at players as a package.

    If you restarted it either going for vote 4 from 8 or possibly rank them from 1-8 I think you'd get more people involved.
    Hey, you need to change your pick in never met draft. There is a violation with your last pick.
    hi mate, just wondering if you still user ICC 2014 to do your sims?
    You sent me some tips on how to use the editor for that..but I've not really had much luck with it...
    Is there any change you might be able to make a gif or how you do it ? you can install licecap..its a low fidelity software that can record your screen as a gif..its not malware i promise :)

    also ..when you sim these leagues..are you just simming 1 v 1...i didn't know icc had a multi team tournament mode where we can control all sides ? let me know how that's done if you don't mind..

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