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  • have a good trip to Europe if it goes ahead. you're welcome to meet up and have a beer/chat while in NL, though i can understand if your gf wants to spend time outside the lecture responsibilities with you and not randos from the interweb.

    if you want some tips for this country i'd be happy to oblige too (i'd recommend not spending any more time in Amsterdam than you have to tbh)
    Hey mate, was actually going to join when I first saw the thread but I'm going to Perth on the 12th and won't be back for a week -- not sure I'd really have the time to devote to it across that week.
    If you're happy for me to join in then I'll grab Ross Taylor, QdK and Ferguson. Cheers.
    Hey mate. I'm alright. Been busy with work/illness/travelling last couple of weeks. Probably not going to be as active here in the near future anyways, many reasons, life takes priority etc. Appreciate the check-in :)
    Hi, I've taken Trundlers place in flash in the pan xi. Can you please post where I pick in round 4 as trundle is not listed?
    for the fantasy draft - you have 2 of the next 4 picks so if you want to send a shortlist to me (starting with philander) via visitor messages that would work too.
    Great. I'll delete your message from my wall. Bots scour sites to pick up email addresses and whatnot.
    Hey sorry for the lack of action, just got frustrated with the subpar performances from my team and was busy (working on getting a new job). Take my teams to be unchanged from now on and I'll post some reactions to the matches.
    Done! I think we have had a previous thread on that exact issue though, so don't be surprised if it ends up merged into that.
    I like the ODI side more than the test side. :) But yeah, they will surely be an exciting side to watch. You may have some bad lows but the great highs will hopefully make them all worth it. :)
    Lol.. yeah but I felt the same about India being able to beat England. I like the new England side, you know. I dont particularly like Anderson and Broad though I respect their bowling abilities. But I feel as long as some of the younger quicks in England live up to the promise (and stay away from injuries) it will be a very exciting and watchable side that evolves out of the current one. Just get in Jason Roy like KP says. :)
    So how have you been? The India England series was fun to follow. Its odd that both teams can end up somewhat satisfied after a series but it has now happened with 3 series for India.. lol. The Ind V Aus in India first, then Ind V RSA in RSA and now Ind V Eng in England. :)
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