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  • James,
    can you let me know what the program is we can use to type our features? I've got word, but the feature I've got is very long and I cbf doing all the "?" which I'll get as a result. I don't have word pad or notepad on my computer either.
    Hi James,

    How do I go about getting an advertising banner on the forum? Is this something you offer?

    Could you email me on my account details with more information?


    Please note the following:

    1. I did nothing to start that reaction from Voltman. Please read the thread and you will notice he reacted like that to bait me.

    2. That kind of activity brings the atmosphere of the forum down. Again, I raised a legitimate point with facts and information and he brings the forums discussion down.

    3. I can list another five or so instances where Voltman has acted like this where I have said nothing to upset him, rather he instigates this.

    Please note I have not retaliated and am coming to you, which is the right way to do things. I'd respectfully ask that you give Voltman a slap on the wrists for bringing yet another forum into disrepute. I hate the idea of blocking people, and that's a drastic thing anyway. I don't want anything like that. I'm just asking for the weight of your authority on this..
    My application is in. I was wondering if my ban would have an influence on your decision, and if you could tell me over MSN (league and cars @ hotmail dot com) without the spaces.
    James, probably a stupid question but how do I stop subscribing to threads, I've got about 900 emails from CW in my inbox.
    Might be under Manraj Bahra, but if you can't find it (because it was a while ago), I'll knock another one up when I find some time.
    May I have my application to the News Team reconsidered now that I am no longer a staff member at Planetcricket?
    James -> MSN.

    Need to ask a few things that the general public don't need to view etc.
    The Page worked, so I lodged my application on the website.

    Tell me what you think over msn....
    Rekon you can spare the time to chat with me on MSN for 15 mins. I need to talk to you and I'd rather not ramble here on the forums.

    Ya dats a good point, but that page looks like having websites, just as another name!

    anyway thanks for your support and humble response

    Mate i will get back to you after our website launch. you shall decide my request after seeing our website & its features! :)
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