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  • New season started on Cricsim. Should register if you are interested.

    Think you already registered a account but didn't do a registration.
    Many people from here - Captain, Teja, Joe, Me, Howe, Athlai, Phlegm, Heef, Eds, Prez, Benchy, GF, GIMH and more are members both here and there.

    CricSim - Powered by vBulletin

    Decent place otherwise too, but it's less modded than here.
    Hey mate, would you be interested in joining Cricsim?

    It's basically Pews' sports simulation website, with the main sim (Cricket) being similar to this -

    Cricket Web Cricket - Cricket Web

    Then there are Rugby, Basketball and Soccer sims too. Basically you are assigned a player and then that goes into the database and improves based on Activity, form and other factors.
    You'd have had my vote if it had come down to a tie between you and smalishah ftr.
    Merry Christmas mate - hope you have a **** Boxing Day :p Seriously though, all the best for 2012, hope you're winning your battle.
    Yeah things are great, had a great first year working in the bank, kids are great, England are great, not much to complain about really.

    Glad to hear things are good with you; I hope they continue on that path.
    Hey, I think you were looking for this.

    Michael Schur and Nate DiMeo try their hand at learning cricket - Grantland
    Sure, I'll add you on there a bit later, I have quite a lot of CWebbers as friends actually (though admittedly I have culled quite a few recently). I'm really sorry about your entire ordeal in any case, it can't have been nice at all, I'm glad things are going ok, and long may it continue that way.

    I've not seen a lot of wrestling at all really, I watch online every now and again, but usually only the important moments (Rock WAG).

    I'm glad you managed to return to Uni, how is your course going? Was it York you went to? (iirc it was somewhere in the North, sorry if I haven't remembered correctly) I'm at Uni in London now, and it was overhearing somebody mention the Oval which reminded me that you're from these parts as well, and was why I suddenly thought of you haha.
    Hey lad, suddenly occurred to me that we haven't spoken for a while, so I thought I'd say hi and that I hope everything with your operation/treatment is going well.
    Just saw your posts in the grinding my gears thread - great to hear everything's looking up mate, good stuff.
    Yeha Punk has been great.

    Triple H has been meh since becoming COO though. DOn't really need evolution style HHH promos opening the show
    Good to hear mate. Keep us updated.

    Been watching the wrestling? Bit meh at the minute IMO
    Manee, with regards to this post, just be careful with the usage of the term "raped". With female members about, it's not something that we want to see being used in this sort of manner. Not a formal warning or anything, just a friendly request.
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