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  • Hey just wondering why was bond21 banned? He was always helpful to me, but then get got banned and I never found out why.
    Hello- there i have wrote on the help desk system- how long will it take before my problem is resolved as i have a genuine chance of winning.
    Hello- i was just logging on to modify me team BUT when i got on to my team- it says that i have got 0 points and made no modifications. Basically, it has reset everything. I am very shocked as i registered my team ages ago.

    In fact- i was on 1165 points and made 22 modifications. So please can someone please help!

    I have been a memeber of this site for nearly 2 years and nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

    It was a discussion starter and not spam whatsoever. And when you say continue to spam that kind of hacks me off. I think you should def show new members more respect than that. I

    It's fine to have my site in the sig right?
    Yes. I just saw a new post on that thread from yourself saying something along the lines of "New test from James"
    Erm. It was just on the "New Posts" list, but once I posted it disappeared out of view. Must have been a Ghost in the Machine, or somesuch.
    Hey James,

    I'm pretty new to the forum and love what you guys do so far . . . but I just had a couple of questions.

    Does cricket web have a support system cos I can't find one???

    A forum thread I started got deleted for no apparent reason. Can you explain this??
    Disappointing to have it deleted as I though I was responsible enough to bring attention to it, I thought it relevant and made a point, there was no words that were filtered. If certain words are not liked then why not filter them? there is a lot worse said and nothing in that post was on the bad list.

    Anyway, your decision.
    Hey James,

    I'm running this year's battle of the members and as I recall from last year, you may not want to take part. If you want to withdraw, let me know and I'll remove you from the draw.

    Hey mate, that's ok, I'll be around all day today. If you're certain of a time you can make it, come online and if I'm not online send me a SMS as I won't be too far away.
    Hey mate, missed this, been running in and out all day, should be better tomorrow. Sorry mate.
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