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  • oh mate please allow this information to be at your site atleast. as its thoroughly a professional website and i guarantee that it will be so popular in few months! Definitely its not a spam! You can also see the logo for the same! check the website as well!

    Please accept my request!

    awaiting eagerly for your reply!
    Dear Sir,

    We are in the process of launching a dedicated & professional fan website for Chennai Super Kings within few days!
    So yours is a leading and most famous cricket forum, we feel that the Cricket fans here should know about this information.
    So kindly allow me to post a thread on my website The Chennai Super Kings.

    Thanks in Advance
    That thread of Richard wasn't intended with any malice. I am good mates with Richard. I know the thread didn't make sense though. Wanted to delete it as soon as I had made it.

    I've got the kids staying over so once they go to bed I'll be online for a few hours, say 8-11 British time
    Hey mate, can you take me off the arcade alerts, its getting too many to handle.

    This is what we use on the forum I help moderate - • View forum - Moderation

    Personally, I'd prefer it if we locked the thread on the Silver Fern, but we have given posters the right of reply - but again, that's up to you and your moderators whether you'd leave it open or locked.
    Hi James

    Greg Hawke here. Hope you are well. Sincere apologies for my zero contact in the past few months. Multiple reasons and won't bore you with any of them.

    I would really love to come back and write some articles for you though, if there's still room?

    I'm happy to knock up a feature this week if you need? I would also like to discuss with you if there are any opportunities for me to expand my writing into match reports, or even providing something that takes in the "lighter side" of cricket? Let me know what you think?
    i just dont feel particularly comfortable about it tbh. and it seems pretty weird.

    it is about me after all, so i dont see why i shouldnt have a say on whether it stays up or not
    02-07-2009 03:26 AM

    delete the thread about me please. people have more important things to talk about.

    Hi James,

    My name is Lee and I work with Tim Lovejoy’s channelbee.com Thought you'd like to see this interview with Freddie where he talks about the Ashes and his thoughts on sledging
    Channelbee ::: Flintoff on Sledging

    Didn't want to post directly into the forum as that would be akin to spamming - but if you find the video interesting then you can share it.

    There is also this one where he discusses the impact of football:
    Channelbee ::: Flintoff on Football & Morale
    Just watching the end of the Carlton game mate, should be over in less than 20mins, will catch you then or after you get back mate.
    Hey mate, will be in and out till about 6pm, catch you on MSN around then?
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