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  • Hi Howsie, just a note that I've deleted your latest post in the ***Official*** West Indies in India 2014 thread. Regardless of what you may think about a member that sort of posting is not acceptable.
    Cheers mate. Nah, no official wedding plans yet, prob be a year or two after finishing uni, so 3-4 years away :) Nice one, how'd you do at Uni? What you study? Haha, definitely, spending less times on forums is certainly a good thing. I still like to post every now and then, but I actually have a social life now, and far better things to be spending my evenings doing. Served me well when I was living in the countryside bored out of my brain before Uni though haha!
    Thanks mate. Life is good. Engaged, nailing my degree, loving life in London, and trying to get back into cricket after not really following seriously for while. Yourself? How've you been?
    Hey mate, this is N11 from Cricsim. Frizzed is running a CPL NFL type deal and we're looking for people who might be keen, so I thought I'd ask if you're keen to take a look. Plus we want to get you and others more involved in the thread. :p
    It's a bitch at the moment. I have to go through the deliviries individually then I just join them all together in Windows Movie Maker.
    Thanks! Can you send me an email (cricketweb@gmail.com) and I'll then send the spreadsheet onto you :)
    Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Adding you to ignore and I ask you do the same of me. Nothing personal, you're a nice guy, but we very rarely agree and filling up entire threads with Richard vs Aussie style arguments that go in circles will just annoy everyone else. Pretty sure the Pakistanis would have been like "wtf, what are they talking about and who cares?" when they logged on the other morning.
    Hi Howsie, down the bottom of one of those emails, you should see an Unsubscribe from all threads. Click that :)

    Once you've done that, go into "User CP/Edit Options" and set "Default Thread Subscription Mode" to "Do Not Subscribe".
    McCullum (100%)
    Ryder (100%)
    Guptill (100%) - personally I'd rather Guptill and McC opened and Ryder at 3 but it won't happen.
    Taylor (100%)
    Styris (50%) Oram (25%) Broom (25%) Form position.
    McGlashan (50%) the above (50%)
    Franklin (100%) -if we collapse put above McGlashan and co.
    N. McCullum (100%)
    Vettori (100%)
    Butler (100%)
    O'Brien (100%)

    So I have 9 players I am sure I want in the XI and then a few I dunno about.
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