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  • I responded to you in the Religious Discussion thread since you're trying to resurrect it and I feel like I'm learning a lot from the discussions (plus it gave me an excuse to link a Brooke Fraser song).
    Yeah I figured. And thanks! It needs to get a move on and I think I allowed infinite secondings so yeah

    If people don't get a move on it won't happen so
    Yea i think the point I made was steeped in surmise and maybe some innuendo thereby not lending itself that well to this discussion. But it's neither here nor there to say you ought to just blindly believe and accept what someone tells you because they put some amount of research in don't you think? Isn't that in itself fairly unscientific, that you would choose not to question something which you weren't convinced of but couldn't immediately challenge it because an authority contradicts what you feel? I don't know. That's where the irrefutable part comes in I suppose. You need not choose to believe something if you are not sure of its authenticity.
    hey i didn't want to derail the discussion in the doom and gloom thread by starting into a discussion about the statistics and probilities of more widely held and popular opinions having a higher probability of being right by quoting you. But anyways, like your e.g of the world being flat which you chose to reference yourself as a widely held belief in the Middle Ages, I think that you would definitely be a lot more inclined to accept an idea that is being propagated by a number of entities whose credibility you can't/won't really question. But how those entities arrived at that conclusion is again a matter of interest because if they quote other academic institutions in their studies - whose sources and evidence might well be apocryphal - it doesn't really establish much for you if you wished to challenge it, particularly if you didn't have the tools to be able to. Just take the black swan as an example when everyone believed that it didn't exist.
    I should be there on Sunday. Might not be there at precisely the start, but will aim to get there early in the morning session. Depending on how the game's going and the needs from home, I will either leave during the afternoon or evening session.
    I will definitely be at the ground on Saturday. Sunday depends a little bit on childcare duties, but I suspect I'll get to at least some of Sunday - especially now I have Cricket Wellington membership and it'll cost me nothing.
    Out of curiosity, which Biblical translation do you prefer? Writing Christmas cards atm and wanted to put a quote in there, but don't want to use the 'wrong' translation.
    Hi Hurricane

    Chadwick Walton is our current reserve keeper for both the tests and the ODI's. Other keeper prospects are Shane Dowrich from Barbados and of course Nicolas Pooran from Trinidad. As for Gabriel...yes he is currently fit and i'd expect him to play the next test vs SA tbh.

    Hope that helps
    Sounds like KN and I will be there on both weekend days. I suspect 16Tins will be the same, but I will double-check. Guess that means the Sunday 4th January would suit best?
    Yeah mate. I'll be going along to the only Test this year. Wouldn't miss it. I suspect 16Tins and KiWiNiNjA will be going too, but I'll check out with them if you want.
    Or you could make your way to Petone and I can give you a lift. It certainly doesn't take me 90 minutes - though you're further out. 15 minutes train, 15 minutes walk. Easy.
    Yeah mate we're fine. I'm not going out of my way to stop others doing it but I'd rather not take part in it, whether it's deserved or not. It's a form of taking justice into our own hands which could get messy.
    Bear in mind I have tried reporting his posts and nothing happend so did Heef. I have also tried appealing to him directly in my nicest possible tone of voice and he blew me off. He has no consideration for others. Finally I don't think he had his JC thumbs up cool guy avatar 3 hours ago. So he has made his own avatar statement back in Blocky style. If you are offended by my comment then report me by VMing PEWS or James it will probably light a fire under the situation anyway and bring it to a head because my reports haven't achieved that.
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